Mark Fairwhale opened in the spring of 2013 for your mysterious "gentleman's club" veil

Since the protagonists in "Roman Holiday" have shaped the image of gentlemen and gentlemen on the screen, the gentry of British gentleman has become the relentless pursuit of men around the world. The fascinating and hopeless image of the upper gentleman in the film has permeated all of human senses and continues to this day. The spring of 2013, Mark Fairwhale gentleman of the new gentleman continued superior quality, for you to open the mysterious "gentleman's club" veil, take you a taste of the elegant British aristocracy. Calfskin sewn sofa, well-designed cigar cabinet, wooden exquisite wine rack, hand-painted European murals ... ... Mark Fairwhale Gentleman Club became a royal family members, fashionable men, singers, aristocrats and rock stars of the party paradise, bit by bit revealed Noble taste In the melodious music of the cello, a cup of glycol wine, burning a cigar, suddenly came to a mysterious golden age ... 2013 new gentleman men's spring collection of high-tech technology presents an elegant British style to meet Dressing needs of different status gentleman, arouse gentlemen's beautiful retro memories. This season's new gentleman's color combination of men's gems in blue, earthy and dark gray walk, the light sprinkled on the natural colors, with simple lines and the original tough cut the male side, return to the gentleman's man True temperament. Needlework woven spell wool suit design shirt, light and shade abstract printing shirt, high-grade lambskin travel jacket, dark plaid jacquard knit sweater, so that each look has a different look and style. The emerging plaid and jacquard fabrics is a major feature of this season's series, the fabric soft and supple feel silky, simple design applied to the jacket, shirt, windbreaker or jacket, small square collar style is young and stylish With Collage or spell color design is also remarkable: windbreaker with 100% full high-density fabric, sleeves stitching the same color with Lycoming knit fabric, comfortable and breathable, in front of a dark placket design, simple and elegant; evening ceremony suit jacket The chic and trendy design of the nubuck fabric creates a unique texture that matches the delicate silky white shirt, making the man look deep and charming at night. The geniality and temperament of the gentlemen reveal their natural beauty, sending out the British-style elegance of their beings. "Gentleman's Spirit" has become a transcendental attitude and has shown the picture of British life with all the values ​​of British fashion, elegance, tradition, culture and evolution. This is the exclusive experience that Mark Fairwhaff will bring to you.

Women who like a shoulder bag show a kind of pursuit of quality everywhere. They consider the problem more comprehensive and rational, which is a rational person with both content and form. Will not be affected by the emotional, very strong minded. At the juncture of decision making, it is often considerate and careful. But the powerful aura that gives out can shock people around.

Women who prefer single Shoulder Bags are usually simple and natural. Like "black and white ash", and can control freely, will not be covered by color to personality.

Although one-shoulder bags are one of women's favorite, there are still many men's one-shoulder bags on the market. Of course, men's single shoulder bag is mainly business and leisure.

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