Concentration of the Chinese beauty brand 装 men's fall / winter 2012 fashion hit

柒 brand men's coat 2012 autumn and winter fashion struck, concentrated beauty of China, highlighting refined business style, filling the man's taste. Dark gray woolen coat, the collar is not obtrusive, shoulder suture in the shoulder position and shoulder tough, men's tough neck and shoulder line at a glance. Experienced top art director of the perfect control, for the customer's distinguished taste, careful care of every design details, so that your distinguished, elegant and clothing crafted complement each other. Ingenious to the natural fabric of the fabric, superb healing and gentle touch in one, both fresh and elegant sea blue lines, but also elegant luxury dark brown lines, fully meet your different needs.

Composite Weed Control Fabric

Mulch Fabric,Composite Wedding Cloth,Compound Weed Barrier Fabric,Composite Weed Preventing Cloth

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