By song of knowledge ladies wear every design details are radiating the wisdom of light

"Let his heart at first sight for you ......", choose according to Song intellectual Shu women , intelligent women is unique vision. Design avant-garde, elegant style, exquisite workmanship, elegant fabrics, romantic pink color series, lively goose green tone, timely blue and gray color background ...... According to the song every design details are radiating a wisdom light, each The color mix is ​​sprayed with the spirit of the fragrance, each line extends to elegant taste, every piece of clothing are lingering aura of rare.

依歌 - YEEGO

Retro luxury, classic fashion, self-cultivation cut, simple sleeve 袢 decoration, simple design brings a different style of experience, low-key design, adding detail beauty.

依歌知性淑女装  每一个设计细节都放射着智慧的光芒

There are several high-end custom fashion features, only gorgeous elegant fashion, to highlight your perfect, aristocratic elegance, fashion coat.

依歌知性淑女装  每一个设计细节都放射着智慧的光芒

A very Korean wool coat, whether it is the sense of style drape, for woolen jackets, this section is absolutely like the upper body version is also very good

    Genuine Raccoon fur
    Brand latest design fashion decoration
    Natural Raccoon fur
    OEM/ODM service is available

    Size and color could be customized as your requests

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Chinese Raccoon Skins

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