Hong Kong Defina underwear call: care woman breast care

As an underwear company, Defena organizes annual breast examinations for female employees. For the general health of women, Defenna appeals to female friends to conduct annual breast health examinations.

According to the Ministry of Health, breast cancer has now become the number one killer that seriously threatens women in our country. Its mortality rate has rapidly risen by 3% annually, far exceeding that of lung cancer and becoming the fastest-growing cancer in China in the past 10 years . Breast cancer has become the world's top "killer". The latest survey shows that in the past 10 years, the number of people suffering from and breast cancer in major cities in China increased by 37% and 38.9% respectively.


Because many women on breast pain, breast swelling, breast lumps, breast hyperplasia and other symptoms taken lightly, failed to timely detection and early treatment led to the incidence of breast lesions increased year by year, to an alarming extent. The problem of breast health in our country has reached alarming proportions. Among young and middle-aged women over the age of 25, the incidence of various types of breast problems is as high as 70%, while the number of women of childbearing age is as high as 80% or more. Breast cancer has become "the number one killer" threatening women's health. What's even more unfortunate is that breast cancer, like all cancers, is not only for women, but also for the purpose of sustaining sinister sword life, and brutally destroying women's beautiful sexual characteristics and curves before the results come. The complete body is destroyed, the impact on women's life and psychology, perhaps more catastrophic than the loss of life.


As an underwear company, Defina company every year to organize a woman to do a breast examination, in order to the general health of women, Defenna urged women friends to do a breast health check every year, for breast disease friends do not be afraid, as long as the The following aspects of their own physical condition will certainly be improved.

1, to maintain a comfortable mood, optimism is the best breast hyperplasia defensive weapons.

2, reduce the number of induced abortion, in order to reduce the probability of breast hyperplasia.

3, the law of life, proper exercise. Usually should be combined with work and rest, adequate sleep, less stay up late; appropriate running, chest and other chest exercises can enhance the bodybuilding.

4, breast-feeding time to be full. Women without breastfeeding or breastfeeding less than 8 months postpartum, will result in milk stasis, the probability of causing breast disease increased.

5, to avoid the use of hormonal drugs and beauty products.

6, it is best not to wear too tight or have the effect of extrusion breast bra (especially the steel ring will be pressed on the breast bra), will affect the breast's metabolism and lymph reflux, leading to breast hyperplasia.

7, reduce high-energy supplements and food. Eat mainly light, eat more green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, avoid garlic, pepper, pepper, pepper and other hot spices, avoid fat, fried dough sticks, fried twist and other fried cakes.

8, eat pig meat, dog meat, mutton, crab and other hair material.

In addition, the pain, nipple retraction should eat fennel, green onion, shrimp, sea dragon, whale oil sperm, orange cake, 榧 (fěi) son, grapefruit, 鲎.

Breast treatment of hyperplasia eat more coarse grains, such as coarse rice, corn, whole wheat chips, eat polished rice, refined; eat nutritious dried fruit seeds such as sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, peanuts, walnuts , Dried apricots, almonds, raisins and so on.

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