Teach you how to collect jade

It is understood that China's jade has a history of seven or eight thousand years and has a long history. The jade with delicate texture and exquisite texture has a high collection value and has always been loved by collectors. At present, the good quality jade comes from two places: Hetian jade in Xinjiang, China and jade in Myanmar. Hetian jade is mainly white, and most of it is used for collecting jade; jade is mainly green, and is mostly used for decoration.

According to the experts of Yi Yixuan, the jade is crystal clear and beautiful in shape, and it is the “long thing” that people watch and collect. People are usually willing to collect ancient jade articles, and most of them are collections of the Song and Yuan Dynasties. It is difficult to judge the authenticity of the ancient jade. There are also people who collect modern jade, but it is far less than the former. As long as it is a real jade, its price will only rise and fall. Mainly due to the fact that there are fewer and fewer raw materials in jade, there are fewer and fewer good ancient jade articles that can be acquired. Therefore, Tibetans must pay attention when purchasing jade articles. It is best to carefully observe them before "saving money." Here are four ways to tell you how to judge the quality of jade.


First, look at the material: high-quality jade material is essential for a jade, including jade, jade, luster, density, splitting, smudging, etc., which are all elements of jade grade and should not be ignored.

Second, we must distinguish the shape: the shape is the aesthetic framework of jade, and it is also an important factor in determining the value of jade collection. It is a well-balanced and not dull, balanced and stable work of beauty.

The three must be decorated with ornamentation: the ornamentation is the decoration of jade, and its beauty and ugliness are easy for people to perceive and feel. The decoration depends on the structure, the rules, the complexity, the sparseness, etc., and the structural rules are methodical, unified and harmonious.

Fourth, the process should be analyzed: the jade process is a technical condition from the material to the device. Its nature is relatively stable, and it is not easy to be recognized by people. It is a difficult problem in appreciation. Everyone who works neatly and fluently and skillfully must be beautiful or beautiful.

At present, there are dozens of kinds of jade materials in the market. How to distinguish jade materials? Yan Yixuan experts believe that looking at materials is not as good as looking at crafts. Learning to judge the jade material requires a long time of experience accumulation, the average person does not have that energy, so look at the material is not as good as the process, the general craftsmanship is exquisite, exquisite and lively ancient jade, its material is also good.

For beginners and enthusiasts of the jade collection, you can collect a little jade. Jade is very valued, slightly damaged or slightly embarrassed, may be several times worse than the price of the perfect one, but if the craft is good, the material is good, a little appearance problem may also be collected to play, just to accumulate experience .

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