Guitar Rabbit: From the "Dream Catcher" and other animated films looking forward to the children's business opportunities

Once again, the high box-office receipts of "Cats and Cats" and "The Return of the Greats" prove that while not everyone has an animated plot, we can question the animations that are intended for children, but with a wide audience and a well- Still a big move in the hot movie market. Most families nowadays have only one child. The material conditions that parents can give children are also much better than in the past. They are more responsive to their children's needs and hope to do their best to bring their children the best quality of life. This also contributed to the development of children's consumer markets, so the film market, children's clothing market, the same demand. As people's living standards improve, parents never mean to their children's basic necessities of life, whether it is a simple day-to-day travel, or weekend excursions, more and more "hot mom", "tide dad" want a family Outgoing style can wear out, wear style. Princess, small gentlemen also took the "00" "10" after the rhythm to catch up with fashion. Gumbo rabbit children adhering to the "health, nature, green, environmental protection, comfort," design concept, combined with seasonal fashion trends, with excellent quality and innovative design style in children's wear design and production industry is unique. Since its inception, well-built first-class children's wear brand, with a fashionable, high quality goods and the health benefits of environmental protection best-selling domestic and foreign markets. Gurao rabbit skin tender and sensitive to the characteristics of children, selected combed cotton, breathable cotton, long staple cotton, bamboo fiber and other nine healthy fabrics, the use of international advanced equipment and fine hand-sewing two combined strictly control the quality of testing, Let your child wear comfortable, parents at ease. Guava rabbit innovation proposed "go without losing the child" slogan, the anti-lost into a lovely accessory, applied to children's clothing. Both beautiful and generous, but also safe and reliable. Now one weekend you want to travel, it is all kinds of people and road blocks, mom and dad with children are out of a variety of inconveniences, worried about children lost, worried about their patronage, with guava rabbit anti-lost children's clothing, when Always help you to care for your child, mom and dad no longer have to worry about the child's safety is not guaranteed it! All for the healthy growth of children's guava, guava children's paradise in the paradise of guava, children's life into their own stage, showing excellence. Guava rabbit is willing to every child without losing the heart of childlike innocence dream!

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