[Commonly Used Textiles Manual] Warp Knitted Fabrics

Summary Knitted fabrics formed by one or more sets of parallel arranged yarns simultaneously in the warp direction of the fabric and connected in series with each other. In the warp knitted fabric, each yarn of the warp group warp yarn forms only one (or two) loops in one course; in the next course, the yarn is looped in the other warp. So that the vertical links into a piece of fabric. The loops formed by the same warp yarns have different distribution rules on the knitted fabric to form various warp knitting structures. The warp knitted fabric has the characteristics of lateral elasticity and elongation, stable longitudinal dimension, smooth surface, soft texture, small dispersibility and good air permeability.

The raw materials used for warp-knitted fabrics are of a wide variety of yarns, mostly chemical fiber filaments, such as polyester, nylon, vinylon, polypropylene, etc. The linear density is between 2 and 800 dtex (5000 to 1.25 rams). Thicker fabrics are also used. Cloth used in spun yarns, such as cotton, wool, silk, linen, chemical fiber and blended yarns. In addition, some special yarns (such as highly elastic spandex yarns, high-strength glass fibers, etc.) can be lined into the warp knit fabric by weft insertion to change the performance of the fabric.

Classification warp knitted fabrics are also divided into single and double sides. One side of a warp knitted fabric reveals a loop on one side, and the other side exposes an extension line; on both sides of the double side warp knitted fabric, the loop is exposed and the part of the double side warp knitted fabric can be cut into two singles along the middle. Face fabric. Warp knit fabrics can be either single- or multi-woven fabrics. The single-comb fabric uses only one set of yarns. Each thread magazine consists of one yarn. It is not used due to strict defects; more than two sets of yarns with more than 200 sets are used for multi-combed fabrics. A lace fabric with a complex pattern. Ordinary warp knitted fabrics usually use 2 to 4 sets of yarns to organize the chain and warp
Weaved, weaved by satin or diagonal weave. There are a wide variety of fancy warp knit fabrics, including mesh fabrics, longitudinal embroidered fabrics, pleated fabrics, single-faced acyclic fabrics, double-sided terry fabrics, plush fabrics, partially weft-inserted weft fabrics, and full-width weft-inserting fabrics. , Lining weft insertion fabrics and multi-axial fabrics.

Uses The wide variety of warp knitted fabrics are widely used in the three major fields of taking, home (decoration) and industrial use. Warp knits with good dimensional stability can be made into garments. Lightweight and rich warp knit fabrics can be used as underwear, and spandex-lined warp knits can be made into tight clothing such as swimwear. The double needle bed warp knit fabric can be used as a seamless sock. The terry warp knit fabric can be used as a towel and bath towel. The local weft insert warp knit fabric can be used as a lace, curtain, table cloth and furniture cloth. The pile warp knit fabric can be made Sofa covers, car seats and curtains, mesh warp knit fabrics can be used as mosquito nets, nets, aquaculture nets and net pockets, multi-axial warp knit fabrics can be used as high-strength industrial fabrics, and valve profiles are lined with polyester knit fabrics. Things can be used for medical stretch bandages.

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