Flip-flops "high-profile stealing the mirror" concave shape is not difficult

On July 29th this site , flip flops, seemingly long been "kicked off" by the fashion world - but it was not long before the Dior and Louis Vuitton early spring big show, it actually "high profile to steal the spotlight." The show was even more surprising: The superstars had more love for high heels and more love for people. When you put on a pair of flip-flops in the summer and enjoy the freedom and joy of “kicking and tapping”, it’s not difficult to create a refined shape. Do not believe you look at the T station, see the street shoot, see how the fire in the end.

Flip-Flops "Difficult to Empower" Fashion Circles Can Disagree

Flip-flops are known as flip flops in English due to the way they walk. Flip-flops are also known as pinch sandals, because the “basic” shape of “a sole + two straps” always gives the impression that “there is no room for elegance”. However, the fashion industry has never "discarded" the flip flops. Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton have performed a good dress with flip-flops. The flip flops are fashionable enough. Marni's thick flip-flops The Japanese wooden gongs instantly increased the gas field and height; of course, Gao Dingxiu of Chanel and Viktor & Rolf completely blocked the pros and cons. Who would say that the drag queen could not be on the table?

2015 spring and summer big designers love flip flops

Giuseppe Zanotti Design Flat sandals Price: 1,882 CNY

Tory Burch Flip-flops Reference Price: 733CNY

Dolce & Gabbana flat sandals Price: 1,578 CNY

Valentino Garavani Flat sandals Price: 2,031CNY

Giuseppe Zanotti Design gold thong sandals Price: 2,934 CNY

Flip Flops How Fire Star Street Photo Shoots You

Flip-flops and flowing dresses are "natural couples"

There are always a few beautiful print dresses in your closet? It's a bit casual to wear in formal occasions. In the summer and in the wind, the thin skirt is elegant. At this moment, what is more casual and romantic than a double-slip?

Flip-flop skirts remain delicate

Do not think that flip flops can only be paired with "leisure dresses". When they are replaced with exquisite skirts, flip flops can actually bring an elegant and chic look. It's all sexy when talking about short skirts with high heels, but can you believe that the short skirt with flip-flops is a casual, feminine from the inside out, or elegant or sweet. Look at them and you will understand.

Flip-flops with hot pants showing big long legs unbridled

What's more refreshing and cool than showing off long legs in the hot summer? You need a casual hot pants, the shorter the better. However, we do not recommend matching high-heeled shoes, hot pants + high heels, and one who is not careful will appear "gaudy". If you don't wear shorts with dresses (I believe there are not a few people?), a pair of nude or white flat flip flops is the best partner for hot hot pants and long legs.

Herringbone tight-fitting trousers are easy but still capable

Flip-flops take off the road to “kick??”, so it always gives people a sense of dragging their feet. If you want to relax and lose weight, you can use flip flops with slim trousers. Without supermodels and long legs, we only need to remember to pull up a short leg and expose the ankle so that we can visually “long”.

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