Short-sleeved white shirt with what shorts good men fashion with

Summer hot, men should know how to dump themselves, refreshing fashion with the combination will surely make you bright in the summer, captured more girls heart. White short-sleeved shirt, a good grooming their body, is the choice of many men's summer, then white shirt with what kind of shirt is good? So now let Xiaobian take you a taste of the white shirt + knee shorts fashion style. Such a white shirt, shirt, mint green color with a little, fresh style in the summer dress the most appropriate, with the lower body this light blue knee shorts, so light summer with the summer will make you become The most attractive teenager on the street. This white shirt, two lines of clothes, unique design more stylish features, as well as the collar of the lake blue believe it must be the point of this dress, with the same color knee shorts, such a summer with The same can be very attractive, so you are more stylish masculine. Picture credit: Shasilai Men

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