Red, yellow and blue children's clothing 2015 spring and summer new conference and ordering will be a complete success

August 12 to August 15, red, yellow and blue children's clothing 2015 spring and summer new conference and order will be held in the red, yellow and blue headquarters, agents from all over the country, franchisees and guests gathered in a total of business Yellow blue brand development plan. General Manager Qu Mengxiao at the meeting to do a new season development strategy Important statement: With the overall advancement of children's clothing format, in order to make retail franchisees more competitive, the company will focus on products from a distance, high diversity, fine channel Differentiation and other overall strategic planning, is willing to bring together the brand agents and franchisees to welcome challenges. Red, yellow and blue Since its founding in 1996 up to the present day, this year marks the 18th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. The red, yellow and blue people continue their dedication to "caring for the growth of children" in the spirit of "not changing the original mindset and always remaining"! This one is inseparable from the red, yellow and blue all the way to join the country franchisees, agents and friends! At the meeting, a number of outstanding franchisees representatives also made terminal promotion management, VIP construction, shop refinement, more Store management, inventory management and other practical results to share. In the meantime, a new spring / summer 2015 fashion show featuring the theme "Jungle Rhapsody" shows us the charming and unique scenery of the spring, summer, spring, summer 2015 fashion leaders' interpretation of fashion! Fashion show site "tropical forest system" strong atmosphere, exposure as if immersive! Fashion show combines dance, storyline, magic and other ways to deduce a unique and colorful red, yellow and blue fairy tale world. Tongren lovely children won the applause of the scene. And to show us the main colors of spring and summer 2015: ice blue, tender pink, green and other popular elements. Order site franchisees, agents are confident this quarter new products, given a higher rating. A three-day order, a number of agents said that in the future while expanding the new outlets but also on the existing shops for more "refined management" and will further enhance the brand value for the coming year to record highs in performance.

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