Warm congratulations: still show women Dongguan Tangxia new store grand opening

Warm congratulations: still show women Dongguan Tangxia store grand opening! Still show women advocate a unique ladylike culture, elegant and elegant fashion and romantic for the two major design themes for the vast number of consumers to provide new choice of space. The new store opened, the local MM will see still show women's new summer clothes for the fall and winter clothes.

依然秀 热烈祝贺:依然秀女装东莞塘夏新店隆重开业

Still show for the constant pursuit of quality of life of urban women tailored to life ladies, exquisite workmanship and blend into the modern free atmosphere, the introduction of each season series, designers are clever in the design of the classic, embroidery printing, special craft and other elements . The perfect combination of style and detail, inadvertently turn the perfect curve of women revealed to create an elegant and comfortable image.


Still show women through continuous efforts, has occupied a certain market in the women's market. However, in order to continue to develop, still show women are still facing the country for investment. Interested dealers can now leave a message or call still show, brand companies will be the first time to get in touch with you to negotiate to join specific issues.

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