Only Jane Ladies Sichuan, Haikou, Anhui, Henan, Hubei and other new stores will be opened in September one after another

Autumn really is a bumper season, just entering September, the garment industry presents a bustling scene, major brands, all regions continue to have new stores opened. As a senior fashion and leisure brand from Italy, ONLY SIMPLE only Jane ladies, of course, happy news again and again, Sichuan Guangan, Hainan Haikou, Anhui Suzhou, Henan Luohe, Hubei Jingzhou new stores will meet with you in September, please looking forward!





Only Jane has always been adhering to the personality and fashion brand spirit, pay attention to each cut, each piece of work to strive for perfection, carefully carved. Such as the art of clothing products, of course, have a good environment to set off, so the only simple terminal stores each is like a high-level clubs, shopping here, women are not just to buy clothes, but also for the art of living Pursue and enjoy.

The Life Jacket Infant , it's a simple design with front YKK zipper for baby swimming in pool or training in the swim school. Seaskin's Toddler Life Jacket or Life Vest is made from soft neoprene SBR in 2mm, and laminated with standard nylon ( 4 way stretch ), inner is 4-6 cm EPE foam, safe and confirmtable. And Life Jacket Infant, we have two different styles, one is removable EPE foam and another one is non-removable EPE foam. So you guys can choose what you prefer for your baby.

Life Jacket Infant

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