DAZZLE's brand d'zzit women's autumn new with pictures

D'zzit is the sister brand of DAZZLE. Following the successful creation of the dazzling DAZZLE and DIAMOND DAZZLE, Di Suzzi Fashion Co., Ltd. has another cutting-edge fashion brand, d'zzit. D'zzit comes from the continental design power of the Netherlands, and the brand designer creates a variety of fashionable single items with his jumping aesthetics.

DAZZLE's brand d'zzit women's clothing fall 2014 new with pictures

My arms are full of tattoos and totems, and my chest is full of lush roses.
In the bustling city, there is also a magic sky that belongs to oneself...

Wear a striped straight skirt suit, across the raging crowd. The secondary meta tag on the body,
Full of super energy. One eye, one signal, I can fly to the sky...

I am a girl from a comic book. In the world of the second element, there is no time to flow.

Even if the world is disturbed, I will always have a pure heart.
Life is like a rose in the chest, which is full of scent and fragrance...

DAZZLE's brand d'zzit women's clothing fall 2014 new with pictures

Before the 1960s, girls' skirts never reached the height above the knee. Until Mary Quant, the "mother of miniskirts," suddenly increased this straight line by no less than 20 centimeters, it impacted the entire fashion circle and created a new aesthetic.

Then there was the Icon that led the trend of the times like Twiggy. A new style of fashion suddenly opened...

In the era of Mary Quant, there was no girl fashion. The young girls just continue their mother's dress up and wear old-fashioned old-fashioned clothes.

Mary Quant realized that the girls should be designed to fit their age personality fashion, so the playful young girl of the 60s, liberated from the mother's suit, to bloom their own personality.

In the past 50 years, the girls have already had their own style, and d'zzit adds icing on these colorful stylings. The spirit of chasing fashion is like the playful young girl of the 60s...

DAZZLE's brand d'zzit women's clothing fall 2014 new with pictures

The wind of fashion is always changing, just like the city's avant-garde and free breathing.

The first second may be popular body silver reflective fabric, blowing like the future of science and technology of the general wind; the second seems to blow back in the sixties and seventies, exaggerated sunglasses with delicate lips, everyone is retro Queen or hippie princess.

Even the dress in the TV series is nothing more than that. The gorgeous Victorian winds in Downton Abbey are too difficult to imitate, and the playful British style in "The Sherlock Holmes" is just a red one.

It's better to go to the streets and cos a Doctor Watson, a bowler hat and a squared-up vintage handbag, and even a well-behaved over-the-knee umbrella skirt, to make up a retro style with a fluttering fairy.

Go, genius detective here, to detect fashion passwords together ~

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