Rabbit Mark 2014 autumn and winter fashion color with what color is the most popular autumn and winter

With the generation after generation of 80 parents to children's clothing mix and match the diversification of individual needs, children's clothing in the past is a neglected piece gradually with the international fashion trend. Like children get the envy of others, you have to have a forward-looking fashion keen vision. The hot summer this year has come, autumn and winter has come. Then Bunny-Mark children's clothing fall / winter 2014 color is what color? Blue-blue bright blue has always been an important color of the boy's clothing. This season bright blue mixed yarn weaving, camouflage patterns and garments dyeing washing effect very innovative. Can be used with black, to create a city street style. Orange yellow orange yellow continuation of the popular trend, is an important color knitwear, the trend of its popularity did not diminish signs. Orange yellow for a variety of products, including jackets, knitwear and accessories. Pink & Purple Pink and Purple combine to give girls a more sweet color element. Rich bright fuchsia and bright pink color is the key element of the 2014 fashion color. Red children's clothing fall and winter color trends, the designer combines international and domestic demand, the use of stylish European-style design, closer to the international fashion trend, in the autumn and winter fashion show of children's clothing in 2014, the red has become the fashion trend of the season. Autumn and winter fashion, black and white is almost the same classic eternal. Mysterious black and clean white in 2014 autumn and winter Bunny-Mark children's fashion new once again featuring the protagonist. Black and white combinations, such as being given a new soul, neat and clean while revealing a little indifference and elegance, give us a double surprise.

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