Good-looking wide-leg pants with what jacket fall wide-leg pants with jacket

I do not know since when, on the wide leg pants with fond soft love. Summer heat receded, from time to time a fall rain so that you can not hold the weather changes, wild wide leg pants can withstand the poisonous sun, but also in cool weather to maintain the temperature of the legs. In the early autumn season, prepare a wide leggings in your closet, which will make your autumn cooler.


Wide-leg pants loose design can cleverly conceal the legs fat, office workers is the most practical wild single product, beige suit wide-leg pants with the same color chiffon shirt and feminine stilettos, was thin Significantly high, serve two purposes, wearing or with a long coat can be.

好看的阔腿裤配什么上衣 秋季阔腿裤如何搭配上衣

Brick-red wide-leg pants, straight trousers make the pants even more drape sense, first of all the buttocks, legs, the shape of the line, the shirt is the choice of white printing shirt, simple combination of highlighting the unique femininity, with high heels You can highlight the feminine in the neutral wind.

Photo credit: Ka Choi women's 2014 new autumn and winter

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