Big Eye Frog children's international popular line cast brand Kingdom

From the United States children's wear fashion eyecatcher children's clothing, is a popular international fashion line walking trend of children's clothing brand, its fashionable and exquisite workmanship, and raw materials in the apparel selection, all the use of high quality international standards to ensure that products in the After the jade brand image, the inherent quality of the product equally veritable. The company's products are tailor-made for urban children aged 3-16 years old (90-160cm tall) and combine the full-scale development and operation of design, research and development, production, management and sales channels to gradually form a large industry with rich brand characteristics chain. In the category of products, the big-eyed frog brand covers almost all children's related series, including T-shirts, shirts, jackets, jackets, vests, cotton jackets, down jackets, jeans sportswear, windbreaker, children's coats, slacks, dresses , Sweaters, stationery, accessories, cartoons and so on are brand products in the series. In addition, the company also involved in the cartoon and cultural communication of children, cartoons, comic books, clothes, shoes and hats, stationery, toys, and children's daily necessities, so as to further develop this special industrial chain into a very large-scale brand kingdom .

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