Sweater wash tips

Sweater wash tips Sweaters have attracted much attention in autumn and winter. The issue of washing sweaters has also caused many people to think about how to wash, not shrink, not to pill, and not to deform. The following Xiaobian tells you some tips on the washing of sweaters.

First, the precautions of washing 1. Before cleaning the sweater turned over, that is, do not use the front wash, so reduce the friction, so that clothes can not play.

Water temperature around 2.35 °C, do not use hot water, gently squeeze by hand, avoid using force to rub, rub, twist.

3. Wrap the sweater well before putting it into the dehydrator.

4. The dehydration time cannot be too long, up to 2 minutes.

5. After dehydration in a ventilated place, do not direct sunlight.

6. Tile, do not use drying racks, otherwise it will be deformed.

Second, the washing steps 1. Take a dry sweater, in a stained place first wet and then stained with silk wool to wash clean or collar net, first rub a little. The neckline and cuffs can be the same, and the treated area can be thrown clean.

2. According to the washing instructions, clean the silk wool and pour it into the pot, put the warm water, as long as the hands do not feel cool on the line, do not be hot water, washing sweaters with hot water will shrink.

3. Put the stained sweater in the pot and soak for about 10 minutes.

4. Knead and wash sweaters, be careful to gently, do not use force.

5. If you wring it slightly, you can't use it. If you use the washbasin in your home's bathroom, you can put the sweater inside and press it hard to let the water run away.

6. Change the water and brew 2-3 times.

7. Put the cleaned sweater in the laundry bag and spin it dry.

8. The last thing is to dry the sweater, find a clean bath towel flat on the sofa, bed and other flat place, the sun can not direct, and then put the dried sweater flat on the top, according to the original shape of the sweater finishing. The house now has heating, and it usually takes one day to dry. In this way, the ironing step can basically be omitted.

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