Bright and brilliant GOGIRL good time Shulan company held GOGIRL2014 spring appraisal

July 30, GOGIRL2014 spring tasting will Choulan held headquarters, general manager of Mr. Zhao Junco GOGIRL Division made an opening statement, followed by the designers made a vivid commentary on the 2014 spring fashion trends and GOGIRL design theme, catwalk models will be product 360-degree display, market representatives from the marketing front of the new products at the same time have to press the order button.


In his opening speech, Zhao Hongke emphasized the importance of coordinating product resources and data conversations with designers and market elites, guiding everyone to pay attention to the hidden data behind performance and profit, including the rate of entering stores,

Wear rate, the single rate, the turnover rate and other data, these data will determine the profitability of the terminal store, and how to improve the into the store rate, try rate, single rate, turnover rate, it is the focus of work in the future should start to grasp Of the work, covering the display techniques, product structure, shopping guide welcome skills, sales skills, etc., but also GOGIRL SBU future efforts and improve the direction. At the same time, in order to share sales experience and work together to enhance sales performance,

GOGIRL outstanding shop manager and colleagues here have done experience sharing, one after another example to tell you how to stand out in many similar brands, won the sales champion in one fell swoop, and we make progress together.

明媚灿烂的GOGIRL好时光 舒朗公司举行GOGIRL2014春装品评会

In the next product show, along with the designer to explain in detail, beautiful models who have demonstrated the GOGIRL2014 spring series. When dormant for a long winter, the heart of going to step out is more and more clear, GOGIRL girls also want to go to leisure life on the left bank of Paris, take a walk along the Seine ... or in the flower Cafe An open-air seating stop to enjoy a cup of coffee and desserts, with soft and beautiful energy, happy to enter the spring, this is the good feeling brought by the theme of "Sunshine Left Bank", romantic pink to every clothes, bring A touch of Paris elegant campus style. GOGIRL still cleverly integrates the fashion into the vivid and rich stories in the successive design topics of "Clubs of the 50s", "Fresh Garden", "Clearwater Asia" and "Blooming in Alice" Imagine yourself coming to the party for girls or sitting in the ice cream color tea room "enjoy life" of the 50's journey of time, or inspired by the garden in full bloom, flower garden, fragrant road "fresh garden" series, and Or the eager to go to the beach, watching the daze of the ocean daze of "Aqua Asia" meditation, or to us into Alice in Wonderland, "Blossom Alice", always through colorful and colorful Fashion, GOGIRL girls show their love for life and positive energy positive, but also entangled with a girl's unique romantic and sweet taste.

明媚灿烂的GOGIRL好时光 舒朗公司举行GOGIRL2014春装品评会

Especially in terms of products, first-line representatives of marketing unanimously believe that compared with the products of previous years, GOGIRL2014 has a strong sense of spring series, a little mature age positioning, a stronger taste of a small woman and a wider adaptation of passengers Continuation of color with color, gradient and other practices, highlight GOGIRL brilliant colorful style, based on the design practices, by focusing on detail processing and the use of new fabrics and unique patterns, not only adds a sense of fashion avant-garde, but also highlights GOGIRL less Shu loaded the sense of maturity and quality, broaden the GOGIRL product customer base, including sweaters, take-and-ride product increases, widening the width of the product structure, with the freedom to be strong, to help Terminal stores even the single rate increase, which will also boost store performance, everyone confidence in the sales of GOGIRL next year double, hope to join hands in creating a bright spring, brilliant flower GOGIRL colorful years.

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