Hong Kong GHYCI (Kyrgyzstan) Personalized Debut of the 13th Service Expo (Shenzhen)

From July 11th to 13th, Hong Kong fashion women's wear brand GHYCI (Kyrgyzstan) made its debut at the 13th China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair.

In Hall 1 of the Convention and Exhibition Center, GHYCI (Hong Kong) is unique and unique in its distinctive and ingenious streamlined design, with burgundy and mirror-inlaid image doors in Hall 1, attracting The eyeballs of many audiences; the brand elements such as bars, rock, and publicity poured into the exhibition hall fully demonstrated the GHYCI brand style to all fashion and art lovers.

At the exhibition, GHYCI (Gifu) presented the processing of creative elements such as dress designs, crafts, and fabrics. The sexy and wild nature of women was fully outlined in the form of lines and cuts, and the publicity was not unrecognizable. Gorgeous Surrealism is a combination of the abstract independence of the Renaissance and the rebelliousness of the rock metal. It infuses modern bar elements in the rich European style. Retro and wild coexist, enchanting and elegance, and pursuing in conflicting design elements. New trend.

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