Saturday Fu Jewelry Identification and Identification

There are many methods for identifying jewellery on Saturday, but visual identification is the easiest, economical and practical method. It is a traditional method and a method for people in the jewelry industry in China. It can also be used by general investors. The advantage is that there are no choices, places, conditions, and the disadvantage is that the accuracy is not enough.

1. Color. The color of the jewelry has a shape characteristic due to the impurities contained therein, and therefore, it can be identified according to the shape of the color. For example, the color shape of agate is often concentric, strip-like, mottled, and Dongling stone is point-like and silky, and malachite is concentric and radial. Jewelry color also has its own characteristics, the same is green, emerald is pure green, emerald is bright green, green horse green flashes blue, Australian jade green flashes yellow, green tourmaline green boring, Dongling stone green dark.

2. Hardness. For old jewellery, due to long-term wear, there will always be some scratches, jewels of different hardness, and the marks should be different, according to the traces can be identified. Some high-hardness diamonds, rubies, sapphires, etc., should generally not have scratches and scratches. If there are bovine hairs, rabbits, and glare, it means that they are not hard enough, not really gems.

3. Specific gravity. Different gemstones have different specific gravity and can be identified by testing the proportion of gold. Now some artificial gemstones can be confusing in color, color, transparency, refraction, dispersion, hardness and appearance. For example, zircon and diamond are very difficult to distinguish, but the specific gravity is very different, zircon 6, diamond 3.52, the difference It's not small, no calculations, and you can see it with your hand.

4, radiant lines. Glittering lines are a special phenomenon of some gemstones. Due to the characteristics of the gemstones and the purposeful processing, some gemstones have a unique brilliance and are crystal clear. For example, opal stone has a linear reflection like a cat's pupil, and red and sapphire have six stars. Opal stone is like a colorful flower tube, and moonstone is reflected like the light of the moon. Some artificial gemstones are difficult to do, and some of the deliberately created brilliance lines are often too clear and give people a false feeling. Light flexibility is also poor.

Through the above several methods, how much can be used to identify the true and false of the moon blessing jewelry.

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