Mikaao International Group external lecturers charge employees

At half past two on June 12, at the conference room on the 10th floor of the Golden Pine Building, MEGA International Group held a large-scale production technology and management training course. The lecture group consisted of 5 lecturers from Weixing Co., Ltd., The participants include: 30 employees in the manufacturing department of Mykay Clothing Industrial Co., Ltd., and 20 technical cooperation partners in Mykaiou Garments Co., Ltd. The theme of the conference was the professional technical knowledge of children's zipper: material classification, variety classification, specification classification and operation technology, specific technical indicators and other aspects of training. With the strong sense of social responsibility, Miao Keao International Group, to organize such a large-scale production technology training, not only to improve the production system technical indicators, to strengthen the technical staff and co-operation area responsible person's sense of quality and innovation awareness, but also improved Production efficiency and service levels, enhance the profitability of enterprises.

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