"Jamie Bear" children's clothing from the Milan fashion capital of Italy

The birthplace of "Jamie Bear" is in Milan, Italy, which enjoys the reputation of "the fashion capital of the world." Milan is Italy. It has a long history and culture. The "Jamie Bear" is the epitome of this art and culture. Growing! "Jamie Bear" children's brand has decades of product development history, which contains the European style, with many years of children's wear development, high-quality environmentally friendly fabrics, production and sales experience, the 21st century using the most advanced garment production technology, specialized in children's clothing The design, development, manufacture and sales. "Jamie Bear" children's clothing from Milan's top designer Jay Paul's well-designed, "Jamie Bear" children's clothing on the basis of European-style flashes the essence of the Eastern culture, the perfect combination of Italian style and casual taste. With the needs of the Chinese market, to create a design for children aged 2-12 children's clothing line. Close to the fashion style and mid-range prices, loved by children and parents. "Jamie Bear" children's wear, natural and soft colors, lively and diverse styles, reflecting the new century, children's sense of the times.

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