Autumn and winter fabrics Exhibition: Winter women's fabrics plus building windbreaks

Women's fabrics enterprises continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation and brand innovation at the same time, the more long-term development of homework on understanding the actual market demand and exploration and downstream cooperation, in order to build "windbreak" and enhance competitiveness . Loss of overseas, the domestic replenishment back In this fabric fair, the women's clothing Museum is still the focus of attention. Du Yuzhou president not only spent an afternoon of the entire women's clothing Museum conducted a careful study, but also heard a number of women's fabric enterprises on the economic operation of this year's report pointed out that in response to market efforts to increase fabric development at the same time , To know what kind of fabric is really needed downstream businesses at the same time and downstream businesses to join hands to strengthen research and in-depth investigations, targeted research and development, design and production. In the case of a sharp decline in profits this year, not only to increase domestic R & D investment in fabric market, but also targeted R & D. Heilongjiang round treasure all types of women's textile fabric products to maintain their product characteristics at the same time, increased fabric color development efforts. According to the person in charge, the characteristics of women's products, pure cotton, linen blend, etc., from spinning, weaving to printing and dyeing, a year's output of 25 million meters, sales revenue reached 400 million yuan. This year in the case of sudden market changes, fabric selling price dropped 10%, most of the decline in European orders, affecting the market. Although the overseas plight encountered by YUANBAO TEXTILE is the epitome of most of the women's fabric manufacturers, YUANBAO TEXTILE has a long-term perspective on the domestic demand market. On the basis of continuous research, we aim at the research, development and production of ladies' products needed by the downstream enterprises, stabilizing the old customers and actively looking for new customers. Especially in the color of women's fabrics and weaving technology has increased capital investment, according to sales person in charge, this year the number of domestic orders is relatively stable, sales were basically the same. Nanshan Group, which owns a large number of women's fabrics research and development of new products, can be said to have been walking in the forefront of domestic women's fabrics in terms of dyeing, spinning, printing and dyeing, sales or quality management. The same experienced this sweeping the global economic crisis, according to general manager of Nanshan Textile and Garment Co., Ltd., this year's orders in Europe actually pretty good, the United States orders did not show a big drop. Not only that, Nanshan Group services domestic clothing brands are also increasing every day, the domestic sales of women's fabrics last year increased by 8 to 10%, which can not but be very exciting, in the days we are better than the situation may not feel , But now the situation is the textile industry affected by the financial crisis, the backbone of the fabric industry also faces the ensuing problems. The status quo of women's fabrics is the microcosm of the entire fabric market, such as Nanshan this can stand up in adversity, but also in the domestic market to extend and profitability, by no means the one-day effort, more rely on technological innovation and brand Create.

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