Child underwear monitoring seven batches failed

Reporters learned from the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau, the council recently lotuses pool wholesale market sales of seven batches of children's underwear products were monitored. After inspection, the nominal Jiangyin Mayor Jing Dafeng garment factory production of "Daximao" brand children's short-sleeved T-shirt and other seven batches failed (see the table below). The main reason for failure is not up to standard pH. At present, the business sector has ordered substandard goods to be unloaded and rectified before passing the listing. Relevant technical experts explained that the human skin was weakly acidic to prevent the invasion of germs, so the PH value of the textile (acidity) is slightly acidic and neutral in the protection of the human body, if the PH value in textiles is too high Or too low, will undermine the balance and resistance of the skin, causing skin allergies or induce infection, make the skin vulnerable to other pathogens

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