Kadin juvenile line "Love Road student activities" Yunnan Lucheng Town Central Primary School donation activities

"Kadin juvenile line love road student activities" in Yunnan Chuxiong Lucheng Town Primary School donate activities, together with China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation to help Chinese young dream of growth, and Kadin brand autumn new conference, Yunnan Marketing Summit "at 6 On the 11th in Kunming, Yunnan grandly held. On the afternoon of the 11th, Kadin Youth held a grand ceremony of "Love Road Education Activities" in Lucheng Town, Chuxiong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. China Guanghua Fund Technology Association, Kunming Youth League leadership, Chuxiong City Board of Education leadership, Kadin retailers in Yunnan with the Kadin leadership together to participate in the love of student activities. Kadin (Fujian) Children's Products Co., Ltd., in line with the enterprise mission of "striving for the healthy growth of children and adolescents in China", devotes itself to many aspects such as environmental construction, team building, infrastructure construction and cultural construction. From product development, Marketing, terminal promotion, social returns, brand management and brand communication all-round, multi-level shape Cardon brand image, so that "the pursuit of excellence, steady development and sustainable development." In 2009, Kadin upgraded to China Youth Living Hall on the basis of its unique marketing model of China's first Children's Lifestyle Hall, guiding the brand development with a clearer marketing direction and brand positioning. In the meantime, in 2009, Kadin became the cooperation unit and practice base of the university-enterprise of Liming University in Fujian Province, and Mr. Huang Bingnan, the chairman of the board, funded the deaf-aged old people in Quanzhou and sponsored the Guangxi Provincial Culture and Sports Bureau to sponsor the "Basketball Olympics" Zi City Seventh primary and secondary school track and field, in recognition of Xinjiang Priory Primary School outstanding students, to the Wenchuan earthquake donated money and other public welfare activities, once again demonstrated a high sense of social responsibility to Lucheng Central Primary School as inspiration Open the "Love Road student activities." There are many ethnic minorities in Yunnan Province. Of the 56 ethnic groups in the country, there are 52 in Yunnan, of which the population is over 5,000, and there are 25 inhabited areas. However, ethnic minorities are a special group. The economic development of ethnic minorities is related to social stability and the realization of the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. However, most ethnic minority areas are located in remote areas and the economy is relatively backward. Therefore, the development of ethnic minority areas has been promoted Special attention and support from the government and society. The hope of a nation lies in adolescents, and only young people have strong nationalities to hope. However, the fundamental way to solve the poverty of ethnic minorities lies in the construction of young people. Only by continuously enabling more children and young children to receive scientific and cultural knowledge, continuously promoting economic development, combining poverty alleviation with poverty alleviation and education, will closely integrate economic development with talent development Can we fundamentally solve the poverty situation of ethnic minorities. This requires the full support and implementation of the state and social organizations. In recent years, corporate social responsibility (CRS) is being respected by more and more enterprises, "not only to make a profitable business, but also to become a good corporate citizen", a view accepted by more and more entrepreneurs . Hope that the project, poverty alleviation, floods, snowstorms, earthquakes and other corporate social responsibility to show, we see countless entrepreneurs go on a hectic busy figure. Si Tun primary school Chuxiong Lucheng primary school, is a minority-intensive children's primary school. It is understood that Lucheng Town School under the jurisdiction of the military Tuen finished small, Si Tun finished small, were built in the 1950s, the two schools have a wide coverage of students, covering a radius of 20 km mountain, Mid-levels and some dam areas, economic development Lack of income per capita annual income of 850 yuan to 950 yuan between the universal nine-year compulsory education difficult to carry out education and teaching more difficult, the two schools nearly 1,000 existing students more than 600 people, because the school far from the students home Most students attend school boarding. Kadin Corporation works with China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation and retailers in Yunnan Province to carry out the donation activity of Kadin Junior School "Love Road Education Activity" in Luzhou Primary School of Chuxiong Prefecture in Yunnan Province. Through this, Kadin hopes to provide students of Lucheng Primary School with the strength of itself and its partners Send warmth and blessings to the world. It is reported that this event, Kadin company to the Lucheng Town School under the jurisdiction of the military Tuen finished small, four Tuen finished the whole school more than 600 students donated worth about 200000 yuan kart shoes, stationery, to participate in this activity Of the retailers launched a one-on-one donation activity at the scene to donate part-time students with excellent academic qualifications and high quality shoes, bags, books, stationery and so on for free for a long time. Kadin retailers who participated in the one-on-one donation said they felt a lot with this Lucheng Central Primary School. Prior to that, all ethnic minorities knew about the ethnic minorities through the news media and they gave us a more direct experience on the scene today , But what touched us even more was the honest heart and confident smile of every student. Thanks to the unselfishness of many benevolent and kind-hearted people at the donation site, the scene was filled with excitement everywhere. As a beneficiary, to thank Kadin (Fujian) Children's Products Co., Ltd. for the school's concern and support, while representing Lucheng Central Primary School teachers and students of the pennant in all witnesses witnessed by Lucheng Town Central Primary School to the card Ding Kading company chairman Huang Bingnan hands. As one of the sponsors of this event, China Guanghua Foundation, in recognition of its enthusiastic social welfare undertaking, also presented to Cardin Company a certificate of honor issued by China Guanghua Foundation. The Kadin Youth "Love Road Education Activities" Yunnan Chuxiong Lucheng Town Primary School donation activities in China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation, Kunming Youth League, Chuxiong City Board of Education, local media and other broad support for the successful conclusion. The love charity activities have also been a warm welcome to the majority of students and teachers of Lucheng Central Primary School. A difficult one, P Plus support. Kadin company China Guanghua Science and Technology Foundation into Lucheng Town Central Primary School, hope that love can drive the children's psychological winter, warm every student, study hard, in the future to be a useful person to society. It is understood that this meeting for a period of three days to Lucheng Town Primary School donation activities as the main body at the same time Kadin brand autumn new orders, also arranged a wonderful marketing summit. Through professional training, guide retailers how to carry out terminal promotion, expand the regional market, and direct the terminal flagship store for on-site visits and guidance, the scene continues to resonate applause. This not only shows the success of the order from the side, but also confirms the Kadin brand has won more market affirmations, and gradually to the brand road. The data show that Kadinian agents under the jurisdiction of the region, has opened 52 stores, 46 counters and 32 specialized agencies. Kadin southwest of Yunnan terminal format dealer self-built network as the main form of format, according to its own dealer dealer in the local secondary market development of its own network, Kadin China Youth Living Museum monopoly in the region The market has a good momentum of development.

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