"Starting Point ∙ New Dream ∙ New Leap" 2015 New Year's Eve party is over!

January 31, 2015, "Heart Start ∙ New Dreams ∙ New Leap Forward" 2015 jointly organized by Shenzhen Di Bao Fashion Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Di Di Beibei Garments Co., Ltd. and Tong Meng Di Men Network Technology Co., Ltd. Party in Shenzhen Longgang Aolin Hotel perfect interpretation. That night, nearly 600 specially invited guests and staff gathered to celebrate the unforgettable night of song and dance with the fervor of hard work and hard work of wine. The party became very meaningful thanks to the participation of sister companies. Every day, serious and serious employees smile for everyone and make up nearly 30 wonderful programs. Evening in the booming "good start" in the hot opening, ignited the atmosphere of the scene. Followed by more than two hours of performances, exciting turns staged, you sing me strike stage. Pieces show "three and a half" half-ridiculous half-praised description of the work of various departments, witty segment attracted everyone laugh. Dance "geese", the dancers Smart posture such as white goose roaming the blue sky, vivid. Dance "three inches of sky" affectionate interpretation of modern emotional world. The Ministry of Finance has always been a large number of beautiful women, talented people, a graceful "Jiangnan rain" dance won the full house applause. Poetry "Looking back past, looking forward to the future," recalling the wind and rain all the way to brand development, tone passion full, soul-stirring.

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