Identification of jadeite value

The collection value of jadeite with different grades is naturally different. So for the same grade of natural jade, its collection value is affected by the following four factors.

First, identify the value of jadeite from raw materials

We all know that high-quality raw materials in jadeite require old and good heads. Secondly, the color is required and the color is beautiful. Finally, consider whether the meat quality of the raw materials is fine. If the jadeite material has its own unique taste, its collection value will naturally be higher.

Second, identify the value of jade from the creative aspect

First of all, it is necessary to evaluate whether the jadeite collection is creative, and then consider whether the implications are good and profound. Therefore, it can be said that the novel idea is the one that can most impress the appreciator's heart and cause the collector to resonate. Even a very ordinary jade material, as long as there is a unique idea, it can reflect its inner beauty.

3. Identify the value of jade from the perspective of engraving

A good raw material, if not carefully crafted, its value will be greatly reduced. In addition to the meticulousness of the engraving work, the excellent engravings also require the jade carving master to use special techniques such as clever color, pretty color, color separation, gold drawing, inlaid treasure and pressed gold and silver wire. No work or no skill is the highest level of engraving.

4. Identify the value of jadeite from the aspect of goods

In our impression, the well-known old pit glass jade is the mainstream pursuit of the collection, but if the collection object is some strange pile jade, then their value is not inferior to the traditionally popular jade. These strangely non-positive piles, such as the ones that use the seal carving method such as pyrophyllite, are very novel and lovable, which is enough for the jade collectors to rush.

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