Song brand women show extraordinary female charm

Gloari song brand exquisite interpretation of a unique connotation and personality temperament fashion women's brand . Private Milan enjoy the temperament, showing extraordinary female charm. The company has always maintained a "people-oriented, quality Pleasing, innovative" entrepreneurial spirit. Constantly improve the fashion and quality of women's pursuit of unique uninhibited, Zhuo extraordinary extraordinary qualities and other upstart.


歌品牌女装 流露出不同凡响的女性魅力

Brand concept: "Glory self escaping extraordinary"

Product Style: Simple, casual, innocence, texture, aesthetic style depicts a touch of elegant petty bourgeoisie.

Product personality: metal texture and sweet style with the occasional sense of rebellion and Modern Fan clever fusion, add a little arrogant aristocratic atmosphere.

Product Positioning: Target customers 20-35

Siro spinning is two rovings are fed to drafting at the same time & twisted together as a double yarn.

Benefits of Siro Compact Spun:

Low hairiness, low thin and thick neps, smooth & good abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, 

better fiber orientations, fewer joints, fewer variations in the uniformity in the yarn.

Siro Compact Spun

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