John Galliano men bring creative ideas

Spring / Summer 2013 Paris Men's Wear Week, this season, the brand's creative director was inspired by four artists, Man Ray, Sal-vador Dali, René Magritte and André Bre-ton. Hawaii printing, irregular cut splicing coupled with fur wrapped shoes, when the first LOOK debut this season, they declared John Galliano 2013 spring and summer men will never be boring. Blue sky printing and lobster, the emergence of coral more men this season brought a touch of fun. The whole set of clothing with a bright gradient blue plus white printing, vibrant colors, so that you obviously feel this season is the summer. Unique round suits covered the whole body to light blue as the end, coupled with well-designed buttons, strong shoulders make the whole person clean and energetic, coupled with the relaxed dark-colored pantyhose pants, Full of fashion sense. Black and white cloak plaid jacket, coupled with a white bow tie chest, primary and secondary distinctive, three-dimensional super, silver shorts close personal design, the overall effect was more manly.

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