Little girl likes beautiful sheep or radiant clothes on the United States sheep and sheep pattern

Since the radiant and gray wolf this cartoon came out, no matter adults and children are already watching, feeling inside the sheep are particularly cute, as well as Big Big Wolf and Red Wolf, followed by little gray, they are also very cute So, as long as children now see the Radiant and Gray Wolf series will want, then the mothers are not going to meet children? Austrian Tim children wear sheep to wear on the body, so that the little girl is more lovely. Austell children's clothing to goat and Big Big Wolf for the series of themes, each piece of clothing are decorated with radiant or gray Wolf series, there are boys and girls and parent-child series, the little girl's pink dress style, doll collar design stripes Style, chest a beautiful goat head embellishment is very cute, pink is also more sweet. Little girl is like the United States goat, the United States and the United States there are two bows, there are beautiful sheep and sheep adorable cute do not say, very sweet Oh, the United States sheep is the beautiful princess in the flock, will always be the kind of protection , Just like a little girl, but also to be protected, Austell children wear beautiful sheep and sheep image embellishment style, mothers quickly help the baby to prepare a set.

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