Larchy 2015 winter image release

"Larchy 2015 winter image blockbuster" Art's fantasy, Addict Extreme

Some scenery and some moments, people come to expect and urgent mood, resulting in creation. Creation is a free-wheeling endeavor, not limited to matter, sometimes an imagination, an indulgence, a caprice, or a ship's whistle, a 3 o'clock sun ... these are all good moments to make you a fool. These fleeting inspiration into every fashion, so that our eyes overwhelmed. Miss.Larchy swims in between these creations and designs, drawing away from the arts and falling into reality, leading to WinterCollection 2015 for every piece of clothes and accessories.

With this impromptu action, let us pass through the past thinking of an abstract expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock, tiling the canvas on the ground and splashing the paint on the canvas with a hole in the box. His creation does not make prior planning, like walking around the canvas at random, with repeated unconscious action into a complex difficult to distinguish, the line disorder network, known as "action painting." As a result, the creator presented to us on the canvas is no longer a picture, but a process of action on the canvas. The picture becomes the creator's place of action, and the ink becomes the creator's action record. From Art Review to Winter 2015, mottled ink and Larchy Winter Collection complement each other. The clothing lines and motifs are the same as the theme. The model feels like a woman walking in a gallery of contemporary art, pacing and sometimes pause to show A school of exquisite, faction fashion.

Fashion, in fact, is a stubborn attitude, indulging in inner impulses, walking through the streets of the city, taking action to uncover the world again and finding oneself again.

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