Chu Court Western style woman loaded with your free fall colors

Today is the day before the Friday holiday, what color are you and what color you want to be, so you choose the corresponding external display. TA is not your clothes to remember, not your look, but your style, a woman you just do yourself, no matter what color it is. Chu Weiwei TRUVIVI2015 new autumn market, take you into the Western style of women, take a look at it.


Small suit + short sleeve + harem pants, such a match, a woman there is simply more than men. Skillful little black suit to take the United States and Europe simple T, the trend of cool handsome play applause. Vertical stripes Harlan feet pants, both hip-hop and thin, look carefully, the original waist exaggerated accessories is the focus of attention.

楚阁洋气女人装 让你秋天色彩随意选

Khaki long trench coat, the classic style is not outdated, simple version of the atmosphere, to the woman draped gorgeous coat, easily create the Queen's intellectual aura. A pink handbag bag with a sweet feeling, then wear a bronze collar, without unnecessary explanation, you are the one that is different.

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