Five common types of crystal

The crystal is crystal clear and beautiful, it is a perfect ornament. Of course, the world is not perfect. The crystal seems to be a perfect one, but there are still five common flaws.

Hidden crack

In the transparent crystal, the hidden crack is a sparkling sheet, and sometimes there is a halo effect. These cracks are some invisible cracks generated inside the crystal during the growth process due to external force extrusion. The hidden cracks are common in the hibiscus, amethyst, white crystal ball and white crystal columns. Some of the cracks were later filled with matter, forming a healing crack, which means that the original crack grew. The effect of this crack on the crystal is relatively small.

2. Cotton, cloud or slag inclusions, impurities

There is a misty phenomenon inside the transparent crystal or a wrap-like inclusion like a cotton-like or slag-like substance. The presence of these inclusions affects the overall beauty of the crystal. In addition, some crystals contain dark spots or other colored plaques, which are inconsistent with the crystal as a whole, and are regarded as crystal impurities. Crystals with such impurities are defective.

3. Crack

After the crystal is formed, due to external force or some artificial reason, the crystal will have large cracks or cracks. The cracks are large and small, and the influence on the crystal is also divided into small and small.

4. Growth defects

The surface of the crystal is pitted, some deep and some shallow. This is naturally formed during the growth of the crystal, not caused by human damage. The defect position originally contained other mineral crystals. Because the bonding force between the inclusion body and the crystal bonding part is not strong, when the surface is polished, the ore body falls off and leaves a vacancy. This defect is common in green ghosts, titanium crystals, and blonde crystals.

5. Damage

Damage refers to the damage caused by the crystal due to processing or accidental falling, collision, etc. It can be a breach or a pit.

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