Be wary of home textile products as a hidden killer

Home textile products are closely related to people's "days and nights", and the safety problems that arise from time to time are worrying. In recent years, many home textile products have been detected to contain carcinogenic chemicals in spot checks, becoming a hidden killer that affects consumers' health.

The chemical substance content exceeds the standard. “Home textile products must be in close contact with the human body every day. It doesn’t matter if the product work is almost done, but it lacks safety and affects human health.” At the Beijing Jinyuan Century Jinyuan Store, you can choose bedding and want to enjoy a new look. Zhang Ayi of the Spring Festival said this to reporters.

In the production process of textiles, some dyes, auxiliaries and finishing agents are added, which are more or less harmful to the human body. According to Mr. Ma from the National Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the pH value of human skin surface is weakly acidic. If the pH value of textiles is unqualified, it will affect the acid and alkali environment of human skin and cause skin allergies and other diseases.

In addition to the pH value, the decomposable aromatic amines, formaldehyde and other substances in the home textile products are even more terrible. According to Mr. Ma, formaldehyde is present in the finishing agent of textile fabrics. It is a toxic substance. After being absorbed by the body, it has a strong stimulating effect on the skin and respiratory tract, which can lead to dermatitis and inflammation of the respiratory mucosa.

The toxicity and carcinogenicity of decomposable aromatic amines are far stronger than that of formaldehyde. Because formaldehyde has a pungent odor, it is easy to distinguish and is easily soluble in water. After consumers buy back textiles, most of the formaldehyde can be removed by washing with water. However, the decomposable aromatic amine is insoluble in water, colorless and odorless, and cannot be distinguished from the appearance, and can only be discovered by technical inspection, and cannot be eliminated. Articles containing such dyes can cause a variety of malignant diseases and may cause cancer after contact with human skin.

Wang Tiankai, president of China National Textile and Apparel Council, told reporters that under certain conditions, azo dyes containing decomposable aromatic amines can decompose and reduce more than 20 kinds of aromatic amines with carcinogenicity. The dye is in long-term contact with human body. The harmful components are easily absorbed by the skin and diffused in the human body, and then mixed with the substances released by the normal metabolism of the human body, causing a reduction reaction, changing the DNA structure of the human body, causing lesions and inducing malignant tumors, and easily leading to bladder cancer. , ureteral cancer, renal pelvic cancer and other malignant diseases. In addition to harming human health, a large amount of sewage is generated during the production of azo dyes, causing serious environmental pollution.

"Azo dyes are the most widely used types of synthetic dyes. They are low in cost, good in shade, and have a certain color fastness. Therefore, manufacturers like it very much. Natural or synthetic fiber dyeing and printing products often contain such dyes. "A person in the industry who has been engaged in the home textile industry for many years said bluntly.

The domestic textile product standard is low. In the interview, the reporter found that fading and shrinking are the most common problems consumers encounter when using home textile products. Ms. Cao, a consumer, said that she bought a set of red double four-piece bedding for more than 80 yuan in the Beijing Tianyi Wholesale Market more than two months ago. After a week of cleaning, she found that the fading was serious, and the sheets washed the clothes. Reddened.

According to the reporter's understanding, there are currently large distribution centers for home textile products such as Tianyi Wholesale Market, Muxiyuan Wholesale Market and Dahongmen Home Textile Market. In these market interviews, the reporter found that home textile products are mixed, brand-name products and miscellaneous products coexist, each set of products as low as tens of dollars, and some as high as several thousand yuan. Some merchants told reporters: "The products here are good or bad. The four-piece set of tens of yuan cannot guarantee that it will not shrink or fade, and the quality of the products of hundreds of yuan is relatively guaranteed."

According to the reporter's understanding, there are four major problems in home textile products: first, the composition content is not consistent with the actual; second, the color fastness is poor; third, the pH is unqualified; fourth, some dye components cannot be used. Clothing and bedding.

Why are the quality of home textile products uneven? Some insiders pointed out that this has nothing to do with the low level of standards related to China's textile products.

According to the reporter's understanding, the current implementation standard of China's textile products is GB18401-2003 "National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications", which has a large gap compared with the standards of Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Taking formaldehyde content as an example, only the textiles that are in direct contact with the skin of infants and young children in China are basically the same as those of national textile products such as Japan; the home textile products that are in direct contact with the skin are all subject to Class B standards, and the formaldehyde content allowed is Japan. 2-3 times the formaldehyde content of similar products in other countries.

Industry associations urge enterprises to improve product quality The quality of home textile products can not be ignored, causing high attention from industry associations. Yang Donghui, president of the China National Textile Association, said that the quality problems of excessive exposure of formaldehyde and carcinogens in home textile products have sounded the alarm for enterprises. Enterprises should reflect on it and pay close attention to quality management in future production operations. "There are problems such as the pH value of textiles and the unqualified dye components. It is closely related to the detection of dyeing raw materials by the production enterprises, and the process control in the dyeing and finishing process is not well controlled." Yang Donghui said.

According to the reporter's understanding, the China National Textile Association also issued the "Comprehensive Book for the Bedding Enterprises", requiring enterprises to organize production in strict accordance with national standards. In addition, the "National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications" has been revised, and has now entered the approval stage. The newly revised standards will modify the pH values ​​of textile products and are expected to be introduced in the near future.

So how can we avoid buying home textile products with safety hazards? Experts suggest: First, we should try to buy products from regular manufacturers in large shopping malls and supermarkets. The products of well-known manufacturers are more secure in terms of quality. Second, we must check the signs. There are signs on the packaging of high-quality products, which are marked with the brand, model, washing method and fabric texture of the product. The packaging should also be printed with the manufacturer's address, telephone number, and the product certificate on the product. Third, when purchasing Try to choose a product with a plain color or a small pattern, so that the risk of formaldehyde and color fastness is relatively small. In addition, the density of home textile products is too thin, with color difference, discoloration or rough workmanship, which are inferior products, try not to buy.

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