American women wear high heels for foot shaping

[This site - shoes and life] cut feet fit, previously only a fairy tale, but now is a reality, the United States recently for their beauty, have walked into the medical and cosmetic institutions for foot shaping, just to wear beautiful high heels, set off a The trend of the shaping of stocks and feet has caused widespread concern.

According to the U.S. media, more and more women in the United States are looking at the beauty of plastic surgery and aiming their feet at the feet because they are tempted by many beautiful high-heeled shoes, but their feet are more or less problematic. Walking in high heels may lead to pain, so choose foot toe shortening, "toe lengthening", "toe straightening" and other foot plastic surgery projects, to cut the foot and fit, this "fashion" has become popular among American women.

An orthopaedic expert revealed that the current foot reshaping campaign in the United States has occurred, and many American women do not choose to withdraw, they choose plenty, and in short, they must reshape the “foot” department. Some American women who are too full of both feet have infused silica gel on their feet to increase the soles of their feet or raise the soles of their feet in order to adapt to high heels. In all foot orthopedics, the most incredible is broken-toe technique. To wear beautiful high-heeled shoes, some women even choose to cut off the last little toe to get a perfect foot.

At the same time, a well-known foot plastic surgery clinic in California in the United States is named "Beverly Hills Footwear (Specialty Agency) Surgery Clinic". This body conforms to the trend of plastic surgery and provides a variety of methods for the renovation of the foot sector, and its signature surgery. Called "Cinderella Surgery", which is the prevention and correction of the hallux synovial cyst (the hallux valgus), the foot plate will become narrow after surgery, and women can wear delicate glass shoes like Cinderella, making the foot Department of plastic surgery technology is very popular. It is said that some movie stars, models, and athletes patronize the clinic and also launch a "toe shortening" operation that allows women to avoid the bulging of the long toes on the front of the sandals and eliminates the need to put their feet into the pointed shoes.

Ali Sadrieh, founder of the Beverly Hills Foot Surgery Clinic, said that beauty is instinct, and it is impractical to persuade women not to wear high-heeled shoes. The foot shaping technique he designed aims to achieve the best of both worlds. Women can show their style without having to suffer a long period of pain. This is an important reason why women in the United States are keen.

Editor's note: The rise of foot reshaping means that the concept of women's beauty has changed again. From the beginning to the details, they begin to turn from the upper body to the lower body. For new projects and technologies, it is recommended that domestic plastic surgery institutions be introduced and launched to bring good news to the majority of Chinese people seeking beauty.

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