TheCarnaby 2013 autumn conference held behind the scenes big exposure

theCarnaby Fashion Women's 2013 Autumn New Arrivals will be grandly opened in recent days. The lively press conference scene is full of floral baptism, all kinds of exquisite West Point, attractive aroma, theCarnaby Fashion Women's 2013 new fall conference on May 23 Kicked off, theCarnaby agents, distributors, industry insiders came together to enjoy this visual feast.

It is reported that theCarnaby fashion women's fall 2013 new products by the majority of guests unanimously approved and praised, theCarnaby conference warm and thoughtful service is to make them full of praise. The stage for a minute, the audience ten years of power, in this fabulous conference behind what kind of wonderful tidbits, Xiaobian Xiaobian bring you to unravel.

嘉奈芘 - the Carnaby

Look! Make-up artist is in full swing to create the perfect image for the foreign Madou ... ... elegant European T-Taiwan, is waiting for the upcoming quietly.

theCarnaby 2013年秋季发布会召开 幕后花絮大曝光

theCarnaby green women's fashion background board green and enviable, colorful flowers embellished with vitality and vitality, delicate and delicious West Point, so that people spit fragrant, you can not help but drool it?

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