O'2nd COOPERATION U NIQLO [UNIQLIS] is available worldwide

The O'2nd co-merchandise offered for this sale is mainly the dresses collection, incorporating O'2nd's popular design elements into the high quality of UNIQLO [UNIQLO]. This series is based on the O'2nd "color, taste, humor" as the key word, with unique MIX & MATCH straddling design philosophy, and the concept of "Little Band Dress" to create products. Changes in the position of the belt can deduce a variety of feminine and changeable image.

O’2nd合作商品U NIQLO[优衣库]全球发售

So far, UNIQLO [UNIQLO] has launched a + J, UU and other world-class designer cooperation models and achieved success. Responsible for this cooperation series UNIQLO [UNIQLO] R & D department head Mr. Xing Tian Xing said: "So far, we have more cooperation with Europe and the United States and Japan designers, the recent trend of strong Korean, combined with [From Asia to the World] The idea, decided with the vibrant and has been internationally recognized O'2nd brand cooperation. "

O’2nd合作商品U NIQLO[优衣库]全球发售

BHQ, CEO of SK Networks (South Korea SK Industries) Co., Ltd., a clothing company founded by O'KND, a popular Korean ladies and gentlemen, said: "For a long time, he has worked with such international big names as THEORY, UNDERCOVER, JIL SANDER and their designers UNIQLO [UNIQLO], a cooperative global quality casual wear brand, this time highly affirmed O'2ND design strength and cooperation, far-reaching significance of this UNIQLO [UNIQLO] and O'2ND joint cooperation will be in the United States, Britain, France, China, Singapore, Britain, Russia and other countries launched the design concept of Korean designers will receive more attention. "

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