Men's body underwear open men's body underwear era

The famous British department store retailer Martha Group recently launched a "body underwear" for men, which can make the hip of the male upward 1/5 again, making the frontal male signs more obvious and more prominent in the visual effect on men's curves. This "body underwear" can be described as a new generation of male body underwear products . Last year, underwear manufacturers introduced the first generation of men's underwear adjustment, in addition to becoming the hot topic of the media, has also repeatedly created "compressed" fat, to solve the male beer belly, chest fat excess, and hip ptosis and other body problems Sales miracle.

More and more American men in order to "tighten their belts," spared no expense to spend a lot of money to buy a variety of adjustment underwear, making the corset to become a male body lotion, male hair removal cream, after another hot male products . February of this year, the famous American underwear brand Spanx launched the first men's product line, creating a retail miracle. Man in the United States first luxury mall Nicholson Worcester male fashion director Marcus department store company represents:? Spanx for Men adjustment continued selling underwear, in short supply. Male customers may not boast that they wear body underwear, but they will silently buy it.

男士美体内衣 开启男士塑身内衣时代

McClelman, president of Freshpair, a US-based underwear online sales company, predicts that "men's body underwear will be the next sales miracle." He said "compression underwear" by the Equmen and Sculptees brands set the scene for men's underwear and sales Amazing speed. Eighteen months ago, underwear retailer Freshpair began selling Equmen "compression T-shirt" and quickly sold out. Cretman believes that the first generation of men's underwear to adjust the underwear is a revolutionary product of the male underwear industry has now become the mainstream of the market; and let the male upturned, highlighting the front of the male front features a new generation of " body underwear " is like the female Breast underwear, once launched that caused the media attention.

男士美体内衣 开启男士塑身内衣时代

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