Analyze the copper lock collection market

It is reported that metal locks were invented in the Han Dynasty and were reed-locked. Bronze locks have a high appreciation value, and there are fewer counterfeit goods on the market, such as the three-color copper locks of the Ming Dynasty, white crane locks, code locks, dark door locks, four-unlock locks, inverted locks, and figures, animals and texts in the Qing Dynasty. Locks are worth collecting.

The types of ancient locks are divided into reed structure locks and text combination locks. Reed structure locks are divided into wide locks, Citi locks, torture locks and jewelry locks, mostly horizontal locks for doors, cabinets, boxes. During the Guangxu period, it was prolific in Shaoxing, commonly known as "Shao Lock." Most of these locks are copper, the front is concave, and the end face is a combination of a triangle and a rectangle. Before the Ming Dynasty, the wide lock was long cylinder-shaped. During the period of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the upper part was triangular in shape and the lower part was diagonal. Most of the Qing Dynasty were brass, but also Yunnan copper and iron, the upper end of the same period with the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the lower part of the square.

Some of the traditional locks resemble a pair of cymbals. They require a "link lock" with two keys open at the same time; a "three-bar palm lock" that can be opened by locking the lock with a key. I have seen a copper lock with 5 characters above it. To open the lock, we need to use these words as five-word quatrains. The verses are correct and the lock will open.

With the prices of some boutiques in the auction market repeatedly hitting high prices, the prices of many ordinary copper locks are also rising. Collectors still have to tighten strings for fakes. To identify the authenticity of copper locks, you need to master several major methods:

(a) look at copper, and some copper locks are copper-plated or yellow;

(2) Look at the ornamentation, the genuine product does not feel concavity and feel, and the pattern that is "corroded" by chemical means may be imitation;

(3) Look at the process of the lock to see if there are stitching marks at both ends. Open the lock and see if the reeds inside are welded. The password lock is to distinguish the authenticity from the carved text. In the collection of copper locks, pay attention to whether the key is the original, with the original key of the copper lock is more collectible.

Copper locks have always occupied a very important position in the collection market. It is different from wooden locks and iron locks. Copper locks have a lot of fans in the collection market but how to choose a copper lock that has a collection value and can be appreciated? The author believes that factors such as styling, ornamentation and carving work are the main points of concern.

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