"Hisilicon · Tung Wah" 2012 autumn and winter series of clothing show

Heidelberg (ASPOP) is a fashion women's brand exclusively operated by Qingdao Heisberg Investment Management Co., Ltd. Heidelberg ASPOP adheres to the philosophy of "living in the moment", adhering to the dressing philosophy of "I am beautiful in my way", inspiring inspiration from music, comprehending life in the journey, making every effort to create self-respect, pursuing independence and publicity Fashion city girl!

April 20, 2012, Qingdao Heisberg Investment Management Co., Ltd. and Donghua University College of fashion strong cooperation, will represent the "fashion, luxury" Swarovski elements applied to the Heisberg series of costume design, with the Tung Wah Group University broad artistic platform and rich design resources, a strong landing "Shanghai International Clothing Culture Festival Fashion Forum cum 'Central Tung Wah International Fashion Week' and organize special clothing show ASPPOS Hass Studio. This event is also one of the series of activities of the Year of Brand Construction of Shandong Garment Industry Association. Representatives of major shopping malls participated in this grand event. The event also received awards including The Bund, Ruili, Mina, Star is pictorial ", Sina, Sohu, Netease, Phoenix," Textile and Apparel Weekly "and other media reports.


The "Heathrow · Tung Wah Group" 2012 autumn and winter series of product launches, Heidelberg costumes with a pure sense of perception of the interpretation of the brand concept. Inspired by pop music and the scenery of the road, this season's design focuses on light and elegant hues and luxury exquisite embellishment. The theme of "The Sea of ​​China" features a masculine, lively and simple style. Designer jeans of the world with deep love and unique technology finishing techniques, simple and elegant leather dress in flowing beautiful melody, the Smart Way of thinking to jump in a very contemporary sense of Swarovski rhinestone On the sky, such as deep, dreamlike magic.

The Heidelberg ASPOP clothing show through the school-enterprise cooperation, the traditional material and cowboy, leather, Swarovski design elements perfect fusion to the "simple, stylish, casual," the Haasberg brand design concept, "Haisi Fort · Tung Wah "2012 autumn and winter series of clothing show brings more expectations and fantastic colors.

Cowboy articles


Haasberg denim series designed to break the established routines, through the new washing process, patchwork, plate and embroidery, laser engraving, pressure and discount the different design and processing, and with fur, leather, knitwear, wool, Fabric with a combination of elements with Chinese accessories, the introduction of new high-tech denim fabric, the use of three-dimensional cutting process design, the Slim version of the United States and Europe to be modified into the modified shape and outline of the female line design, making it more in line with Asia The size of the body, the luxury of Swarovski rhinestones embellishment, to create a new urban aesthetic women's aesthetic form, outline the charming style.

Leather articles


Known as luxury, charm of leather fabrics and a large number of non-traditional popular elements of interspersed with each other, singular and natural blend together, after continuous blending refined derived from the unique rhyme nature, it reflects the times and the true, adhering to the " Living in the moment "concept of life. Ambilight in the stage, will release its endless temptation.

Another highlight of this release is the "dream." From September 1 last year, Fort Heidelberg opened the "ASPOP, open the urban fashion women's dream trip" activities: Customers who buy Heisibei clothing, as long as fill in their dream destination, Heisberg A winners are randomly selected each month to help her achieve her travel dream. The release show, Heisberg brand invited 10 VIP winning guests to watch, such as the release of the show is over, to help them achieve fashion, dream trip.

Mr. Ma Xueqiang, Chairman of Heidelberg, said: "This year, Heisberg is going to make great efforts in brand marketing and market channels. He has appointed well-known brand marketing experts in the industry as consultants and will open 20 outlets in first-tier cities nationwide , And plans to open four outlets in Shanghai.The 'Heathrow · Tung Wah Group' s autumn and winter clothing show is a comprehensive introduction of Heisberg brand into the high-end shopping malls, a prelude to Heidelberg's brand sublimation And enhance the core competitiveness of the market. "

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