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Shenzhen Yi Meng to Clothing Co., Ltd located in the beautiful international garden city, the fashion capital - Shenzhen, was established in 2000, is a design, production and marketing as one of the specialized clothing enterprises. The company mainly engaged in "Yi Meng to IMILI" women's brand production, management and promotion. IMILI brand from the fashion capital of the world - France, to develop the European style, is a symbol of taste, self-confidence and fashion. IMILI brand apparel absorbs the essence of the European fashion concept, sensitive and fast capture of international popular elements, the integration of Eastern women's temperament needs and aesthetic characteristics, pay attention to styles and colors with subtle grasp of the details and the deep perception of the structure, making IMILI Every piece of the brand's work is at the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend. Classic style, noble quality, fashionable style and exquisite craft are the soul of IMILI brand. We try our best to make everything perfect, more realistic and more innovative, so that IMILI has more profound cultural connotation. Franchise 1. Brand margin; 10,000 yuan a whole, 30 days after the expiry of the contract no interest-free refund; 2. Can provide the first floor of the central business district downtown street shops, or well-known large shopping malls within the store, the location must be three (Including) the following; 3. The site of traffic accounted for more than 60% of the total flow of the floor; 4. The adjacent street shop practical area of ​​not less than 50 square meters, shop counters in the store area of ​​not less than 40 square meters ; 5. Have a certain degree of anti-risk ability and many years of brand management experience in apparel; Have rich marketing. Operational management experience; 6. Law-abiding business. Reputable, abide by the company's management rules; .. 7 .. the first quarter of each season shall not be less than the purchase price of 6-8 million, the first batch of autumn and winter shall not be less than 8-10 million. 8. The annual purchase of more than 500,000 yuan to complete the task headquarters to be implemented to reward system; 9. According to the headquarters of a unified shop image decoration.

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