é—½Ceramic resin handicrafts export mission

Affected by various domestic and foreign unfavorable factors, the ceramic resin arts and crafts industry, which relies on exports and uses Europe and the United States as its main market, has faced a severe crisis of survival. With the establishment of the provincial ceramic resin handicrafts export base, more than 200 Fujian ceramic resin handicraft export enterprises have “fighted in the war” and hope to form a chamber of commerce to integrate industry resources, promote industrial upgrading and improve product quality.

According to industry sources, at present international trade protectionism is on the rise, and technical barriers to trade have emerged in an endless stream. Individual companies are not only difficult to cope with negotiators, but also can not afford high transaction costs. Enterprises urgently need industry associations to participate in the coordination of international trade planning and dispute settlement, and organize anti-dumping. , anti-subsidy and safeguard measures and other actions. In addition, due to factors such as price increase of raw and auxiliary materials, lack of labor, and increase in labor costs, enterprises’ production costs are getting higher and higher, coupled with the industry’s own characteristics of “low product technology content and disorderly market competition” and other characteristics, and industrial development. Faced with difficulties, industry organizations are required to plan industry development and formulate industry standards and norms.

It is understood that the provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Department has established the first batch of 15 key commodity export bases including the "Ceramic Ceramic Resin Craft Export Base" this year. Governments at all levels will also issue relevant support policies to support the construction of public service platforms for export bases, give priority to support base members in implementing cross-border trade settlement, enhance export tax rebate services, and optimize the port clearance environment.

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