Shanghai Outdoor Retail Distribution Analysis

In China, the development of the retail business in Shanghai is the most mature, and under the guidance of the more mature sporting goods industry and other industries, the outdoor product industry in its early stage of development presents a more mature appearance. The current distribution of outdoor retail outlets in Shanghai has an important guiding role in understanding the retail channels of outdoor supplies in other cities in China.

In China, the development of retail business in Shanghai is the most mature, and under the guidance of the more mature sporting goods industry and other industries, the outdoor product industry in its early development stage has a relatively mature appearance, of course, In the future all this needs to be fully tested by time and market. Therefore, this article is only a response to the status of Shanghai's outdoor retail channel, and it is an elucidation of some experiences, rather than a cumulative experience.

The current distribution of outdoor retail outlets in Shanghai has an important guiding role in understanding outdoor retail channels in other cities in China.

The development of outdoor retail channels in Shanghai is closely related to three aspects. One is the development of the outdoor product industry itself; the second is the development of Shanghai retail formats; and the third is the development of the Shanghai outdoor market. The combination of three factors has formed the status of the development of outdoor retail channels in Shanghai. Taken together, there are about seven types of outdoor retail channels in Shanghai: 1. Shopping malls, such as the flagship store in the Seoul Metropolitan Plaza, and 2. Department stores, such as the JACK WOLFSKIN area of ​​the First Eighth Co., Ltd.; Sports supermarket area, such as TOPSPORTSII's phenix area; 4, sports supermarkets, such as Decathlon; 5, outdoor chain stores, such as Shanghai Sanfu outdoor shop; 6, small and medium-sized outdoor stores, such as wildfire outdoor stores; 7, discount shopping malls, such as Qingpu Outlets. The following examines the distribution of the above seven retail channels.

The establishment of channels

The establishment of outdoor retail outlets must first ensure profitability, and the main source of profit is the customer base within a few kilometers radius. Therefore, it is the most basic feature to open outdoor retail outlets according to the distribution of customers. For example, near the Shanghai Stadium in Xujiahui, there are Shanghai Sanfu Wanti Store, TOPSPORTSII, Pathfinder stores, etc.; near the Hongqiao Stadium, the Adventurers Home Outdoor Club, Pole Star Store, Hengyi Climbing Hall, etc. Sports venues are a gathering place for sports-related people, and sports-related people are a relatively large proportion of potential outdoor sports people, thus forming a gathering of outdoor supplies retail outlets. Also for example: in the Lujiazui business district of Pudong, Super Brand Mall, Shanghai No. 1 Yaohan Shopping Mall, and Japan's Sai Sports Shop. Among them, the brand is high-end, the stores are splendid, concentrated, mature, and completely meet the needs of China's financial center Lujiazui. The level of consumption and habits of high-end business people.

The Shanghai Sanfu Outdoor Jinqiao Store is located farther to the east of Lujiazui. The reason may be that it is considered for the proximity of high-end communities and the reduction of shop rentals.

Channel differences

Based on the individual profitability of outdoor retail outlets, a differentiated operation trend will be formed between retail outlets. We can see the differentiated operation among shops within the same retail enterprise.

For example, Shanghai Sanfu Outdoor Store’s total body stores, Jinqiao Store and Wujiaochang Store have distinctive features. The total operating area of ​​the largest body store is the largest, and the brand is the largest, maximizing customer satisfaction for all outdoor products; Jinqiao The store is located in Pudong. The store has a small area and operates a high-end brand. It is mainly used by Sanfu Outdoor to enhance its brand image. Wujiaochang has a middle business area and long-term brand sales, which mainly plays a role in digesting inventory. The three stores are far away, especially Jinqiao Store and Wujiaochang Store are separated by the Huangpu River and have less influence on each other. The overall scale effect has been formed.

Another example is Super Brand Mall located in Lujiazui business district and Grand Gateway Plaza located in Xujiahui business district. Its outdoor brands are all run by famous store Sports City. Due to the different location and characteristics of shopping districts, the introduction of outdoor brands of two shopping centers There are some differences. The outdoor brands of Super Brand Mall are all international brands, and most of them are the most important stores of the brand in Shanghai and even in China; some of the outdoor brands of the Hong Kong Plaza are domestic brands, and the overall number of brands is also slightly larger.

You can also see the difference between different retail businesses, and this is the most important difference. For example, a wildfire outdoor store located at the intersection of Ruijin First Road and Changle Road, a wild camel outdoor store, and a Zhongjiao outdoor Shanghai store are a differentiated state of existence. The common feature of the three stores is that the shops are small in size and located in old streets, which is determined by the high price of the downtown area. The customer base is also the white-collar staff located in the downtown office buildings. The difference is that the three shops are different. Wildfire outdoor shop management brand high-end, exquisite style, to meet the Shanghai people's consumer psychology; wild camel outdoor business brand mid-range, taking the pan-outdoor route; and Zhongjia Xin outdoor Shanghai shop is the main function is to discount promotion, digestion of inventory; The three stores have different coexistence and form a scale effect, attracting customers to come here to bargain.

There are also obvious differences between wildfire outdoor shops and shopping malls. Wildfire outdoor shops and shopping malls operate high-end outdoor brands, but Wildfire Outdoors deliberately differs from outdoor brands in shopping malls and highlights outdoor shops. Professional product share, as well as selection of trendy styles that meet the aesthetic mindset of Shanghai customers. In addition, the geographical distance is also a spatial difference. Shanghai Sanfu Outdoor did not open stores near the Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road shopping districts in order to avoid face-to-face competition with small and medium-sized outdoor stores along Changle Road; but currently in Shanghai Sanfuwan. Opposite to the main body store, TOPSPORTSII stores run brands such as The North Face, Columbia, MHW, Phenix, and then Lujiazui's newly opened Japanese standard sporting store. It operates more high-end international brands, and the future high-end brand outdoor stores may have a business structure. Will change.

Distribution of channels

In general, the distribution of outdoor retail outlets in Shanghai is consistent with the distribution of retail outlets in Shanghai, and is rapidly intensive. However, the density of outdoor supplies channels is not large, and channel positioning is not high. Taking Huaihai Road as an example, there are about fifteen department stores visited by Xiaobian. In addition to the malls that are being renovated and closed, there are only four malls that manage outdoor brands. The Pacific Mall Huaihai Road Store, which has the largest number of brands, has only nine brands. Are below five brands.

In addition, in the high-end clothing stores and luxury shopping malls, there is no outdoor brand area; there are no outdoor brand stores on the roadside. It can be seen that even the international high-end outdoor brands have not achieved equal status with high-end brands in other industries. The influence and appeal of the outdoor and outdoor brands are limited in Shanghai. Shanghai outdoor supplies professional retail channels are generally distributed at the edge of major retail chains in Shanghai, forming a symbiotic state with outdoor supplies department stores, and have the characteristics of getting together, but the overall number is small.

Taking Changle Road near Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road commercial district as an example, there have been more than a dozen outdoor stores in the past. At present, there are only wildfire outdoor, wild camel outdoor, and Zhongjiao outdoor three stores are operating. There are also Shanghai Sanfu Outdoor Body Head Stores, TOPSPORTSII, Pathfinder stores, and four Columbus stores near the Xujiahui shopping district. It can be seen that outdoor activities have not yet become the common lifestyle and habits of the people in Shanghai. Along with the geographical environment and latitude, ordinary consumers have less demand for outdoor products.

The circle of channels

Looking at Shanghai, we examined the distribution of retail channels for outdoor products as a whole, which was constrained by the commercial real estate environment, the profitability of outdoor industry costs, and the characteristics of the Shanghai outdoor market. We have found that the retail channel for outdoor products is from the city center to the village, showing a wave-like arrangement. The Nanjing Road and Huaihai Road commercial districts are the core business district of Shanghai; the Jing'an Temple business district, the Sichuan North Road shopping district, and the Pudong Lujiazui business district are located close to its periphery; the well-known outdoor brands rely on the brand area in the shopping center and Department store counters are distributed among them, and small and medium-sized outdoor shops are generally distributed on the edge of the commercial circle.

In addition, Xujiahui business district, Wujiao business district, Jinqiao shopping district, and Gubei district can be regarded as the second floor of Shanghai shopping district. Domestic and foreign outdoor brands rely on shopping mall brand area and department store counters. Shanghai Sanfu Outdoor chain stores are also located on the edge of the shopping district, and large-scale sports stores operating high-end outdoor brands are also distributed.

Then expand outward until all districts and counties can be seen as the third floor of the Shanghai shopping district. In the districts, counties, towns, and major traffic arterial nodes, there are large stores such as Decathlon and Qingpu Outlets.

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