Kylie Lin underwear to create a modern woman as the eternal pursuit of beauty

Women's curvaceous beauty is the most beautiful thing in the world, and it is also the women's capital that captivates fashion to the extreme. A French fashion master once said: Do not underestimate a woman who can maintain a graceful figure for a long time because it is usually a Woman with tenacious self-control and endurance.


Shanghai Qi Lier Clothing Co., Ltd. from Taiwan, is the world's top women 's underwear manufacturers in the mainland's major investment career. Company to create a modern female beauty as the eternal pursuit.

奇丽尔内衣  塑造女性现代美作为永恒的追求

Ciel's new underwear cup with P-UP shape splice, double Tito chest, so that the chest is more focused and more abundant. Exquisite embroidered cups on the chest, such as roses open! Big U wide jacquard slip strap, with pull and non-slip function, to reduce the pressure on the dress!

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