The fashion publication VOGUE will officially enter the Chinese market in September

The fashion publication VOGUE will officially enter the Chinese market in September

Condé Nast is pleased to announce that the world's most famous fashion publication, VOGUE, will be officially released in China in September this year in the form of co-publishing by Conte Nast Limited and the People's Pictorial, with the approval of the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People's Republic of China. On the market.

In this cooperation, the People's Pictorial will combine the good reputation and popularity of its publishing market in China with the rich experience of Condé Nast magazine, which has long published the highest quality magazine.

The People's Pictorial, founded in 1950, can see their publications in more than 100 countries and regions. It is a leading publishing company in China.

VOGUE, founded in 1892, is a fashion magazine widely respected in the world. Until now, it has been published in 15 markets. Various versions of the "VOGUE" in the world employ the most competent and creative editors, writers and photographers to present different cultures in different countries. In China, VOGUE will also work together with its partners to reflect the cultural value of China and introduce it to a wide range of readers around the world.

Condé Nast is a private company that aims to publish the highest quality magazines in the market. Conde Nast has published more than 100 magazines in 20 countries and has more than 120 million readers.

Conde Nast and People's Pictorial jointly selected the editorial team with profound talents and profound experience in the publishing industry in China to produce the magazine, including the appointment of Ms. Zhang Yu as the editorial director of China Collaborative Edition of VOGUE.

Ms. Zhang used to be the editorial director of the ELLE China edition of the “World Fashion Court”, the editor-in-chief of “Marie Claire” Hong Kong version of “Mary Kaye”, the associate publisher of Hong Kong English fashion magazine “B International” and Hong Kong English Executive editor of the publication "Hong Kong iMail".

“Ms. Zhang Yu is one of the most talented editors in the Chinese market. We are very honored to invite her to join us,” said James Woolhouse, president of Conde Nast Asia Pacific. “Under her leadership, I have full Confidence, China's cooperation version of "VOGUE" will become one of the world's most important and influential fashion magazines.

“Conde Nast is also very much looking forward to developing deeper and lasting partnerships with the People's Pictorial, and even the publishing industry in China.”

Vogue History:

Before entering China, Vogue magazine already had 15 different countries and regions. The American version of "Vogue" magazine was born in 1892, and its publisher Conte Nast subsequently introduced the British (1916) and French (1921) versions.

Mr. Nash is the founder of the layout of modern magazines. He was the first publisher to employ artists as magazine photographers. Vogue magazine is also the world’s first magazine that expresses fashion works in color photography.

In 1959, Mr. Samuel Neuhaus purchased Vogue magazine and its related magazines, and introduced more editions in other countries and regions: Australia edition (1959), Italian edition (1965) , Brazilian edition (1975), German edition (1979), Spanish edition (1988), Korean edition (1996), Russian edition (1998), Japanese edition (1999) and so on.

Vogue magazine is still owned by the Newhouse family.

Vogue magazine is now one of the most important magazine brands in the world. This achievement has benefited from its emphasis on editorial independence and the aim of adhering to the highest editorial standards.

Every month, Vogue magazine touches 15 million of the world's most influential loyal readers. Throughout the world, Vogue magazine is praised by designers, writers and artists as the authority of style and fashion.

In various countries and regions, "Vogue" magazine highlights her unique positioning, from a unique perspective to reflect the publishing location of the culture. At the same time, her support for related industries is unparalleled. In particular, VOGUE magazine promoted the development of the global fashion industry.

Many famous designers today are excavated from "Vogue" magazine. Some of the top photographers in the world - such as Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Patrick DeMarchelier and Irving Penn - have long developed their successful career in Vogue magazine.

Vogue magazine's philosophy is to employ the most professional editors, combine the world's best designers, the most talented photographers and models, and create the highest quality magazine in the market with the highest level of production. Vogue magazine is recognized as the world's leading fashion magazine.

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