Spring men's shoes are recommended to wear personality style

This February 24 hearing, whether it is the same sex or the opposite sex, to see the men's first eye is to pay attention to the shoes on their feet, do not think this is a very strange move, it is not true, from a pair of shoes can be found A person's personality and a person's living conditions, so to get the good feeling of the opposite sex, clean and elegant shoes is the most important part of your overall dress can not be ignored.

Wearing an eye-catching and clear yolk casual shoes, wearing a casual fashion, yellow shoes echoed the yellow-grey striped blouse, so that the overall shoe becomes a bright spot, but also every detail looks so casual and casual .

A plain black with a classic yellow Bullock shoes, not only highlights the exquisite shoes, but also will appear more and more black texture.

From the dress up, Li Zhongshuo also showed a different style, a cool and stylish science and technology printed leather baseball jacket with a classic dark blue jeans, a pair of bright white sports shoes style is not immediately flew to the whole body The texture has been improved to a grade, showing that the shoe has a very good finishing touch and the effect of icing on the cake.

Black and white striped splicing suit style sweater with simple white T-shirt and blue slim jeans, a black and white check pattern canvas shoes, the overall casual but not the temperament of a small man, such a simple and small details of the sale of Meng wear, you can also.

Knit with cowboy, which is not surprising in the classic wear and tear, but the choice of belt and shoes to wear and trousers rolled up the details of the fashion, these are the composition of different from the average person's wear, black lamb fur jacket with Black slim pants and black pointed shoes, simple and neat, the jacket handsome and white exposed details of the level will also be opened.

The white suit with black leather shoes not only makes the shoes a highlight, but also embodies the white exquisite suits, the linen suits with bright leather shoes, and the casual and formal collisions are displayed in this small detail one by one.

Wearing a bold one, of course, for the match also has his own set of experiences, wearing a suit, with a fold of the red scarf and black sneakers, details of the pink socks and shoes and the scarf echoes, so that clothing The accessories became the protagonist of the whole body. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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