She's Scorpion 2019A/W Shenzhen Fashion Week: Psychedelic Forest, a traveler with a myth

When the butterfly screen is kicked off, you are welcome to enter the magical time and space of different dimensions. Everything comes into the eye, chaos. She's is like a new butterfly, chasing myths in danger and adventure.

In this mysterious and romantic accessory sensory experience, the cockroach posture of the flying bird, the dying of the flowers and plants, the ethereal and lightness of the butterfly wings, are all made into magnificent ornaments. The emerald green is refreshing, the milky white turns pearly, the tourmaline purple and the sapphire blue are low-key and gorgeous. The finely-arranged gold spikes, the grid-encrusted bright diamonds, the splendid beaded beads, the hand-stitched enchanting petals, each piece of jewelry are like the story of the travellers after the end of the journey of the mystery.

Sashes & Belts

Satin Sashes,Elegant Ribbon Sash,Pearls Belt,Wedding Sash

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