New designs by Korean designer Jung WookJun: like brothers

New designs by Korean designer Jung WookJun: like brothers

During Seoul Fashion Week, Korean designer JungWookJun launched a series of new autumn/winter 2006/07 titles with the theme of “Brotherly Love”.

The entire release was a two-man model debut, the designer through this fun and symbolic way, focusing on showing a tacit understanding and intimacy similar to twins.

The main colors of clothing are black, white, gray, khaki, bronze and blue. The selection of fabrics is innovative. New cotton fabrics and wool, leather, nylon and silk are used that are completely different from the current market products.

This series of design inspiration for the brothers friendship. The show presents a natural and harmonious atmosphere for the audience. Natural materials, shapes, patterns and styles are matched and contrasted to form a certain kind of dramatic mood.

In fact, the new fashion trends created by designers cannot even be classified into any traditional concepts. Different elements have finally achieved a special theme after reorganization and reconciliation. Designers intertwined various styles, fabrics and patterns to create a trendy and free expression, but always adhered to the original design concept.

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