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Beijing Jia Mei Shuo Trading Company is South Korea's well-known brands codes combine Dazhong District, the total dealer. The company's main clothing, accessories and other products, is a comprehensive strength of professional apparel company. Radiation of the national regional market sales, logistics as the main function.

codes combine is a Korean style European style. Advocate to adapt to the appropriate occasions dress attitude and encourage individuals to express their own personality, the pursuit of European-style fashion casual wear brand.

珂迪兹-codes combine

codes combine in korea

codes combine has more than 1,000 shops in less than 100,000 square kilometers in Korea, is selected as the "favorite brand of Korean college students" by famous Korean fashion magazines, and "most suitable for my clothing brand " that numerous Korean celebrities choose. South Korea is the star in the highest wear rate of the brand, but also South Korea's Star Street shooting the highest mirror brand. codes With their unique design and fashion elements, codes hurricanes have been blowing in Korea.

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codes combine in china

March 2008, Shanghai Huaihai Road codes combine flagship store grand opening, followed by Harbin Loft, Venice, Beijing, Beijing Xinguang world, Dalian New Mart, Chengdu Wangfujing, Shenzhen Vientiane City. . . . . . codes combine one after another in the first-line shopping mall in China 45. Only two years sales performance has been discharged to the top of the mall floor, as the area of ​​the highest sales of brands.

Nonwoven Belts

1. Nonwoven Belts Description

Nonwoven Belts also can be called Nonwoven Spin Belt, it's widely used for spunbonded nonwoven fabric production line, including S, SS SMS machine type.

The raw material of nonwoven belt ( spin belt ) can be devided into common polyester monofilament and Antistatic polyester monofilament.

Due to the raw material of spunbonded nonwoven fabric is PE or PP, it will cause the static during the production flow. Our Antistatic Belt For Nonwoven could be help you solve this issue very well.

2. Nonwoven belts Joints

Self jointEndless joint

Spiral jointHigh and low seam joint

Nonwoven Belts

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