Improve internal competitiveness and market breakthrough in the candle industry

Candles are an indispensable product in religious culture. In the religious industry, candle manufacturers also account for a relatively large share. However, many of the traditional manufacturers of candles for religious purposes have relatively single products, and their products are more traditional and not novel. In response to the general rise in raw material prices today, various types of cost pressures have increased, and how candle manufacturers have responded to challenges and broke through from adversity. For this reason, “Honghui? Chinese Religious Products” magazine interviewed relevant candle manufacturers.

New products to enhance competitiveness to visit Huen process candles Fu Yunwei Since ancient times, the close integration of Buddhist culture and Chinese Confucian culture has affected the lives of Chinese people and also has driven the development of the Buddhist supplies industry. In addition, in recent years, the leaders of the country visited the holy sites of Buddhism, which virtually promoted the development of the Buddhist supplies industry. In this environment, the candle industry market is also booming, but there is also fierce market competition. Many manufacturers continue to develop new products, pay attention to raw materials, process chain and market services to enhance the competitiveness of candle products.
In order to meet the needs of the market, Ween Technology, a manufacturer of religious and festive candles, has launched a new combustible time of one day, three days, five days, seven days, nine days, etc., according to the regional differences of each province and the Chinese traditional candle significance. Specifications of the product. Especially during the Spring Festival, special candles are produced for a month or two.
When launching new products such as paraffin, crystal, ghee, and craft candles, Wynn also innovatively designed the appearance and safety of candles for different needs such as jubilation, ceremonial Buddha, etc., such as the combination of candlestick technology from abroad to produce safer performance. Candle varieties.
In addition to the emphasis on product quality, Ween technology in the maintenance of customer relations, strengthen contact between the two sides, abide by the promise of after-sales service, such as timely tracking of the logistics of the distribution of products, listen to customer feedback on the product. Through market guidance, under the conditions of affordable prices, quality assurance and high quality services, Wynn's candles have achieved good results in regional, network, and exhibition promotion.

Candles Promote Micro-Eco-Environmental Visits to National Hair and Crafts Candles Huang Guofa With the economic development, people's quality of life is gradually improving. Consumers are not just considering quality and price factors when purchasing candles, but also starting to pay more attention to health, safety, and environmental protection. To this end, the national hair craft development and production of Buddhist candles, hi candles, birthday candles, mourning candles, electronic music candles and other micro smoke environmental protection process candle.
The company has expanded its market with quality, customer first, and affordable business philosophy. In order to improve the quality of products, Guofa process strictly selects raw materials, such as the use of large-scale block paraffin, which produces higher candle hardness. During the off-season inspection of the candle market, Guofa Technology continuously introduced new products to guide the market according to market demand. For example, according to customer needs, Guofa will make lotus lamps in the second half of the year to guide the market to launch music candles last year to further occupy the market. At the same time, according to the market in the first half is a small candle is better for sale, in the second half of the large candles will be better sold, the national hair craft followed the market changes, with high quality and affordable, Longfeng paper packaging smoke-free paraffin as the best-selling candle products.
The sound development of the religious industry and the vast majority of believers make the candle industry a very promising prospect. In the past three to four years, the candle industry in Jiangxi has developed rapidly and consumer demand has soared. When the province achieved a good market, Guofa Technology paid more attention to the development of markets in other provinces, and it also achieved a very good market response in Guangxi, Hunan and Hubei provinces.

Candles are the main source of visits to Shunyuan Craft Candles. There are a wide variety of candles on the market. Consumers pay more attention to smoke-free, environmentally-friendly, and attractive-looking candles when they buy candles. As a renewable product, ghee candles have become popular in the market. Their crystal candles are transparent and exquisite in appearance and are also popular with consumers. Shunyuan technology takes butter as its development direction, and pays attention to the advantages of environmental protection, reasonable price and high technology. But the formula of butter is different from the paraffin process, and the technical threshold is low.
The candle market has a wide range of needs for celebrations, folk customs, and religions. There are many kinds of candles produced by the Shunyuan process. There are a variety of butter, paraffin, and crystals. There are religious candles for pilgrimages and bars for leisure purposes. On the other hand, customs differ from place to place, and there are differences in patterns and packaging.
Faced with the low technical content of the candle industry, low barriers and high impact, candle manufacturers must break through. Therefore, Shunyuan Technology attaches great importance to the development of new materials, researching new processes, and forming scale to the market. At the same time, in the customer service, keep promises, re-integrity, quality assurance; also for the domestic demand varies greatly, save the appropriate inventory backlog for backup; In addition, from the network, market research, dealers and other channels Promotion of candles, these efforts have made remarkable achievements for the development of the source craftsmanship market.

Customer-centric visits to Hongyun craft candles, especially in recent years, rising raw materials, so that the candle production industry is also facing difficulties. Hongyun Technology has entered the candle industry for nearly 13 years. With excellent quality, reasonable prices, and thoughtful services, it has won the favor of customers and products are sold to Hong Kong, Macao and the Middle East. The achievement of these achievements not only has rich production experience and technical personnel, has the ability of independent development, but also focuses on the concept of customer-centric.
Hongyun Technology relied on the long-term understanding in the candle industry and gradually increased its customers. For this purpose, it is necessary not only to provide first-class products, but also to improve first-class services, and to always be customer-centric. The customer-centered premise is that we must understand the customer and do not understand the customer, so we can't talk about how to provide the customer with satisfactory service. The intensified competition in the candle production industry, the constant changes in customer requirements and the pressure to constantly improve quality mean that customer needs are constantly changing. Hongyun Technology anticipates these changes and responds positively to it, and develops new types of candles in a timely manner. Improve product quality to meet customer needs.

Take the middle route to visit Xiangjiawang process candle Chen Chengjian At present, there are many companies in the candle industry and there are many imitations between products. When meeting the needs of various consumer types of candles, it is also necessary to maintain a main product, establish a clear consumer group, and win the market. To this end, Xiang Jia Wang's process focuses on the mid-end consumer line, not only because of the large number of consumer groups in this class, but also on the mid-end product's candles in the raw material selection, process requirements, finished product quality are higher requirements, at present The production of the candle industry mimics the prevailing circumstances and it is easier to prevent the product from being impersonated. Therefore, Xiangjiawang Technology focuses on the development of its ghee candles, and focuses on smokeless and environmentally friendly ghee candles. There are seven or eight new products developed each year.
In addition, a variety of craft candles, lighting candles, festive candles, prayer candles for Buddha gods, bar candles, tea candles, crystal glass candle series is Xiang Jiawang technology to meet the market demand, rich varieties of candles, the most serious and solemn The exquisiteness of the small, elegant appearance, and the general lack of smoke filled with candles, these rich varieties of candles, the quality of stress, but also to occupy more markets, expand brand influence and made a good publicity.

Refused to price increases, the original price of sales visits to protect the Buddhist supplies Xu Haiyong The whole candle industry is currently uncertain, the depreciation of the US dollar, the trend of oil prices is unknown, inflation, low consumer desire to buy, raw material prices have risen to the highest in history, the company’s cost pressures gradually increased Big. To this end, the issue of insuring Buddhism supplies reduces the internal cost of the company, transforms cost pressures into internal consumption, and does not graft to consumers. Without reducing the quality of candles, we can increase production efficiency, reduce losses, insist on daily production, and introduce measures that attract consumers from time to time.
On the other hand, if the market competition is excessively intense, some companies will reduce costs, change molds, reduce their weight, and lead to vicious competition. However, the elimination of some small enterprises that do not pay attention to quality, brand, and home-style workshops depends on the quality of the brand. To win, large and medium enterprises will be the mainstream. Therefore, the issuance of Buddhist products has been based on the religious industry for more than 10 years, focusing on brand promotion, dealer promotion and promotion costs are all supported by manufacturers; at the same time, German imports of pigments, bright luster, the sun is not discolored, high transparency, imported cotton The wick has a stable flame and will not float. It will not be black at a certain height. In the same product, it has comprehensive advantages over quality, price, service and transportation costs.

According to the sales situation of candle products in different regions, such as the developed coastal economy, the appearance and quality requirements are higher than in the mainland. Warranty Buddhist supplies will not particularly highlight certain products. The production of candle covers more evenly, covers different levels, meets different consumer groups, and has more than 100 kinds of products. Dealers are also convenient in operation and have won a good market response. At the same time, in the search for cooperation agents, value character, reputation, do not look at the size of the market, the size of the business, integrity first, but also to provide customers with preferential payment, when the Northwest has a new customer just started, not many orders, difficult for the manufacturers to operate In order to meet the needs of customers, Baoda Buddhist supplies were sent to provide guidance. After a few years, the customer achieved a very good sales performance in the local area.

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